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Technical Questions: Mac Nodes & Servers

Hi guys, I posted this over at BitcoinBeginners but it hasn’t received a lot of useful input. I’ve read the FAQ there and searched around the web for answers, but could really use your help.
I have a dedicated 2011 MacBook Pro running High Sierra that I’d like to use in support of Bitcoin. So far, I have installed and verified GPG Suite and Bitcoin Core following instructions from bitcoin.orf. It is now synced, and I hope to add block explorer, a lightning node, and an electrum server. Once complete, I’d like to create some tutorials and guides to help others who have old Macs, since there is already a lot of good info for Windows and Linux.
I found this guide on Medium talking about Power Node Launcher, but it’s doesn’t have the same emphasis on security as the other tools I’ve setup. Before taking next steps, I’d like input from the community on the order of steps and trusted sources for installing the aforementioned programs.
If there is anything else I can do with my computer and bandwidth to help Bitcoin, please let me know. Specifically, if I am able to setup a lightning node, would it help if I stored some bitcoin on it to support transactions? Should I setup a slow simple mining program or run an older ASIC miner that is not part of a pool just to help diversify the network? Should I setup a satellite connection as Andreas suggested in one of his older videos? Thanks for your input.
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down the Node-Red rabbit hole, part 5 - hold my beer

part1 part2 part3 part4
so, it's been 4 months since i started this journey and i gotta say that NR has really re-vitalized my personal interest in home-automation, as well as, my HA and whole house setup.
i've done more in the past 4 months, to streamline my setup and adding new automations than i've done in the three years since i started using HA somewhere around v0.24.x'ish. i got that shit dialed in now.
(also some credit to EspHome for being awesome, despite having meh documentation. yeah, i said it. meh👏doc👏u👏men👏ta👏shun)
at this point i have about 36 NR tabs. some are just testing, or playing around with a particular component/palette, but most have at least one flow on it that is live and in use.
so, i thought i'd break some of them down for you guys, 'barney style+':
(also, some of these are way to huge to post readable screenshots of, so i'm just gonna describe them. plus some of these i detailed in my previous posts.)
first up is my globals. where i set global.vars
battery (the nodes are very similar to above)
switch control
long term away
disk space
alexa TTS (subflow)
twitter link
so, yeah. i'd like to see some of you post some of your flows/ideas if only so i could totally steal them.
+obscure skippy joke. it's from a book++.
++yes i read. well, i audiobook, but same diff+++.
+++i mean, it's just basic science!++++
++++i mean, that study coulda been bullshit, sponsored by "the audiobook council" or some shit, but i'm taking it at face value.
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How I turned $3500 into $15000 mining Cryptocurreny during the 2017 boom at 17 years old

First let's start at my first interaction with Bitcoin. Back in 2016, I was trading Minecraft accounts, you could find my story about that in one of my previous post. Long story short, a buyer had offered to buy one of my accounts for a fair amount of Bitcoin. I declined not knowing what that is and not caring.
Fast forward a little over a year, May 2017, I find out that you could actually mine cryptocurrency and profit from it. I talk to my techy uncle about it, he looks into it, decides to build a rig. This was easy for him since he had built computers before. Meanwhile summer, I am currently in New Zealand enjoying a vacation. When I come back, I look for ways to get this thing started. My uncle lives hundreds of miles away from me but luckily my mother knows someone who had mined crypto for a while. His name was CryptoNinja.
Crypto Ninja was a cool guy, he was a security analyst for a contracting firm. Knew lots about computers and programming. This was easy for him to grasp. When I met him, he had 2 rigs, one consisting of 6 1080ti's and the other with 4 1070's. If you don't know what these are, a 1080ti is or was the top of the line mining graphics card that you could get. Best of the best. Each costed about $550 at the time. 1070's market value were around $300-400 which at the time made mining extremely and easily profitable. This guy taught me how to do everything and when I say everything I mean it all. We started off with ordering the parts, He told me which parts were good for what and bad for this. We ordered from all over the place, Amazon, Newegg, and Microcenter. I gathered a list of parts, SSD, HD, GPU, CPU, MOTHERBOARD, RAM, ETC. All totaling out to about 3.5k. I had 6 1080's that I bought for around 500 each. This was the first time I've built a computer. I was a complete noob. He guided me through the process of starting with software, finding a mining pool, starting up your operating system, and taught me how to manage and maintain the mining program, hardware, and external factors. The whole process of ordering/shipping was about a week, building the computer took about 3 days, setting up programs took about a day. After that, boom. I'm running the mining program with a pool on Zcash. A pool is pretty much a group of miners collectively putting their computing force to get more results.
Meanwhile, I'm a senior in High School, bringing my macbook to school everyday to check up on the rig through Remote Desktop after every class. All of this was occuring around Sept. 2017 where BTC was going up up. And I'm talking around 10k. Boy was I racking in a ton of Zcash. Everytime after I'd rack in a good amount, I'd transfer my Zcash directly into my Bittrex account which then I traded for bitcoin and altcoins like OMG, OmiseGO, NEM, ETC. But there was this one time when I got on Bittrex at school and I saw Zcash had mysteriously went up to $400 in 10-15 minutes, the timing had never been better. Guess what I did? Sell all my Zcash yep. Made a good amount of money off of that. Every coin was going up. I continuously made successful trades because prices were going up. I felt like the man. By the time December came around, I had 10k worth of crypto in my exchange account. I know, dumb to keep it in the exchange account but hey I did it. I was the only one mining crypto at my school and people knew me for that but they didn't know how much I made, I joined the investment club. They talked about investing in crypto, what is it? is it safe? they wanted me to speak, i didn't out of fear. They all thought it was a fad. These were traditional stock trader type kids.
It was hard for them to understand the concept but by the time they wanted in it was too late. I already cashed out $12.2k. Bitcoin was like 18k at the time and I needed somewhere else to put my money. I decided to buy a whole new gaming setup. Which costed me around 2.5k and a new desk and cool random stuff for my room which costed a few hundred. I spent a lil more money than I wanted to but it was okay. then it came time to sell my mining rig, Bitcoin was falling. People were freaking out. I was out already. The prices of GPU's multiplied by 2. This was insane. I sold my gpu's on ebay for 3k and gave the rest of parts to either friends and kept RAM for myself. At the time, I was still 17. People would look at my computer and say what is that? Oh Bitcoin? That's Stupid. Welp. Not anymore words.
What am I doing now? Well I invested in some Quantum Computer Stocks, put some back into Crypto, and put some money into OG accounts which I have a whole story on on a previous reddit post. I learned a lot from this and look back smiling.
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I just lost 301BTC ($70,000+) on USE 2FA / Cold wallets!

Today, as I was halfway through my workout at the gym, I get a notification on my Android phone: "You have transferred 301 BTC to 1HJ3tECDZA4Zpgux1qK9AXKpRYZWjXXK4"
Ugh. My entire savings gone. I put nearly every paycheck into buying bitcoins through Coinbase - not one of the early gpu miners =(
I had used 2 factor authentication with Coinbase, but did not have it enabled for, where I had transferred the coins to.
Not looking for pity, but hoping this serves as a warning to anyone not using cold storage or some level of 2 factor authentication for large amounts of BTC. I am also curious if I can find out how it happened. Malware on my Android phone or Macbook?
EDIT: Signed message from my main address:
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06-18 20:35 - 'I thought as many people said, it is not worth it, but i had a PC sitting around and I tried a couple of cloud programmes and [Cudo Miner] came recommended through a reddit thread I started and I have it running and it is...' by /u/mogmachine removed from /r/Bitcoin within 309-319min

I thought as many people said, it is not worth it, but i had a PC sitting around and I tried a couple of cloud programmes and [Cudo Miner]1 came recommended through a reddit thread I started and I have it running and it is flipping awesome.
It brings me in about 60€/month for about 35€/month electricity costs, but I live in the south of Portugal where electricity is very expensive although I am profiting 25€/month, I am actually putting away 60€/month of BTC (it mines ETC, Raven and Monero - or whatever is the most profitable at the time - then converts and pays me out in BTC) which is allowing me in a way to use my electricity bill as an excuse to save another 35€/month of BTC. ..and it uses GPU and CPU mining at the same time, and of course you can setup the same account on multiple machines (if you have an office, student halls etc with electricity included you are laughing).
Of course I also DCA Bitcoin every month where available as many point out, if you are investing in the mining rig, you are likely better off buying BTC. ..but think of it this way, if you have the hardware sitting there already ...for an investment of 35€/month in electricity, if BTC goes x10 in the next few years (which is a very modest hope compared to what many suggest/predict) then my machine is currently putting away 600€/month.
Check it out and see what rate you current CPU and GPU predict, then at least you have an idea ...I could add my macbook to the party, ..but for the €2/month it forecasted for CPU only, ..i thought better of it ;)
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Author: mogmachine
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The /r/btc China Dispatch: Episode 9 - F2Pool Becomes the First Chinese Mining Pool to Support Classic… Sort Of

Hello there, /btc, and welcome to another edition of the China Dispatch.
It seems there is hardly a dull moment in Bitcoin-land these days as the Core Team’s now infamous Hong Kong consensus meeting has left not only many smaller Chinese miners expressing dissatisfaction with the approach of Adam Beck, et al., larger pools are now also breaking rank, with F2Pool announcing an unconventional approach to give their miners a voice in - to borrow a phrase from Brian Armstrong - the great Bitcoin “election” of 2016. As previously posted here, F2Pool recently announced on the 8btc forums that they have established an address for miners who wish to include the version number for Bitcoin Classic in their blocks, without actually running a Classic node in the process so as not to “violate the consensus.”
What follows is the original thread containing the announcement, translated from Chinese to English.
Note that this announcement has stirred up a lot of interesting commentary within the Chinese bitcoin community, including an interesting post on Bikeji entitled “Calling on F2Pool to Immediately Stop Using Core Nodes to Broadcast Blocks with Classic Version Numbers!” I plan to have this post as well as additional related content translated and posted by tomorrow around this same time.
Submitted by ralsax (First Mate)
Subject: Are there no Classic pools in China?
I recently saw that there are a couple of pools outside of China. Have any of the big players in China managed to get a Classic pool up and running? Right now those who have hash power have no voting rights while pool operators without any hash power of their own are holding meetings. It seems to me that some people who control hashing power are being used as pawns without so much as an opportunity to choose for themselves.
[Reply #1]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
F2Pool Classic Testing: stratum+tcp://
[Reply #2]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
It looks like you’re using a new account. Could you please go to bitcointalk and post within the F2Pool thread to confirm that you’re the leader of F2Pool?
[Reply #3]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
[In English:] Believe it, or Not
[Reply #4]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
I hope that you’re the actual leader of the pool, since that would make me very happy personally.
I just want to carefully vet this information before I announce it elsewhere, since I can’t find any other information regarding your testing on any of the other forums.
You don’t need to use a snarky line like “believe it or not.” Your words and actions represent F2Pool.
[Reply #5]
Submitted by macbook-air (Deckhand)
[In English:] Believe it or not is the name of a museum. [Translator’s note: it seems that macbook-air was not trying to be snarky, in the “you can believe it or not, I don’t care” sense, but more irreverent in the “believe it or not, we’re doing this awesome thing” sense.]
[Reply #6]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Peoplma on Reddit was able to confirm your information via the F2Pool dashboard.
Thanks to Shenyu for providing miners with the freedom to make their own choices.
[*Reply #7]
Submitted by Ma_Ya (Captain)
This is only a test rather than official support.
Look at the domain name:
F2Pool’s domain name is
That is to say they’re drawing a parallel between Classic and XT and we all know what happened to XT.
It’s also important to note that they’re actually running version 0.12.0 of Core, while writing in the Classic version number for version voting purposes. That is, fundamentally this is only a voting mechanism rather than real support.
I imagine that when Classic votes begin to approach 75%, F2Pool will probably no longer continue their strategy of running Core just as a means of voting for classic blocks, in order to avoid falsely activating the hard fork.
F2Pool has already pledged that they will not run Classic, and in fact they continue to make good on that promise, but they never promised that they wouldn’t vote for Classic.
In general you run Core to vote for Core and you run Classic to vote for Classic.
On the other hand, F2Pool is running Core while voting for Classic. F2Pool really is clever. There’s a reason that they are the biggest pool in terms of hashpower without having any hashpower of their own.
[Reply #8]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Maybe Chinese people are too used to “being represented.”
Why is it that everything has to be decided by someone else, by letting others represent you at some meeting and then decide your consensus?
Smaller Chinese miners need to unite and demand that some of the large pools provide Classic ports so that users are free to choose and can vote with their feet.
Otherwise pools are doing nothing more than treating smaller miners’ hashpower as their own, and once a Classic pool becomes available they will be abandoned by their users.
Do the pool owners really think they are some kind of People’s Congress? Just because you signed a consensus statement doesn’t mean that all your pool’s users would have been willing to sign.
[Reply #9]
Submitted by DogeCoin-Keeper (Pirate King)
That’s just the way it is. Chinese people are just like that at the genetic level. Actually I think that the BTC system and our current financial system are basically the same: in both cases you have a minority of people representing the majority and the minority decide the direction of the majority based on their own interests. I’m quickly losing faith in this kind of system.
[Reply #10]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
I actually feel exactly the opposite. I am committed to Bitcoin exactly because I have seen how it is capable of disrupting the current system whereby the few decide the fate of the many.
I am also Chinese and it was only after being exposed to Bitcoin that I began to slowly change and understand that there is nobody out there who will look after your own interests - in all things you have to make decisions and take action for yourself.
Pools are slowly starting to provide miners with the option of freely choosing which version to mine on.
We are already entering an era where miners make judgements on their own, vote based on their own hashpower and decide the fate of the industry into which they have personally invested.
[Reply #11]
Submitted by DogeCoin-Keeper (Pirate King)
Just look how these developers act and then look at how capricious the pools are. It’s totally ridiculous and no different than the CCP’s Development and Reform Commission.
What use is it to have the miners vote? It’s useless if the users don’t buy their coins.
[Reply #12]
Submitted by kcb (Deckhand)
Obviously miners will have to determine for themselves what version they should mine in order to have the most buyers of their coins. Everything will be fine as long as at least 51% of the miners are not stupid.
[Reply #13]
Submitted by ALL-IN (First Mate)
If the pools don’t give the miners a say or a choice then four years down the line they will pay for their shortsightedness.
[Reply #14]
Submitted by ralsax
This is an opportunity for new pools and smaller pools. Those who react adeptly will gain market share.
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From one newbie to any others who see this: Don't mine. Especially if all you got is a Macbook Pro.

I've been reading about Bitcoin for a while and found it quite fascinating. My interest started when my friend's brother mined 8 Bitcoin and apparently sold them for about $3000 each (bearing in mind I have no idea what his setup is like and how long he was mining for).
So I thought, hell yeah if all I gotta do is leave my computer on for a few days and maybe get half a bitcoin or so why not? So then I decided to educate myself on mining and how to go about it (some useful links in the "Will I earn money by mining?" thread in the sidebar).
After figuring out my computer's specifications and using various online calculators (also in that linked thread), I discovered that with my 2011 Macbook pro I'd have to be mining constantly for a year to earn the equivalent of about $0.01 USD.
I thought it was an error at first but then discovered the machines that the pros were using got up to a maximum of around 14,000,000 Mhash/s. My Macbook Pro does 16.289 Mhash/s. Not to mention the price of those machines and the cost of running them.
I learnt this all in about 1 hour and promptly decided I am not going to be a miner.
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Bitcoin Mining on Mac

Hi, I'm just getting into this. Been wanting to get into Bitcoin for awhile and finally doing so. I've got NiceHash Miner going on my PC (Nvidia GTX 1070) and want to have it going on my MacBook Pro (late 2013 13") as well. Since I'm at work most of the day, I might as well have my computers doing stuff for me. Is there an app similar to NiceHash that lets me plug in the wallet I want the money to go to available for macOS?
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Hi guys So I would Like to know about Bitcoin Mining, And how I can use it and The profit etc. I know that you need a miner and use computational energy to solve algorithms in a pool of bitcoin miners to successfully mine a bitcoin and share the prize. Kind of like a Boss killing in games. I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2015. 2.9 GHz intel Core i5 8Gb memory 1867 Mhz DDR3 Intel iris graphics 6100 1356 MB I was wondering If i could purchase a bitcoin miner and successfully profit from it. I currently have installed solar panels in my roof which saves electricity. If so what are my options for bitcoin miner with my MacBook Laptop. If not should I build a good PC (With what qualities, Ram/Graphic cards) should i build with. As well as what miner I should use. Would be nice to know how much I would make a day, and explain the process much more clearly, as I am confused on what Hash rate is. Thank you :) Also thoughts on cloud mining?
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Quality of Game for mac is horrendous:

Im drinking. vodka and orange juice, hi pasha drink some live longer. This game for mac on a macbook air 4 gigs of ram is not for competitive anymore, it was, where there hasn't been much updates, where I am running many background applications like twitch streaming, bitcoin miner, where I know for a fact the condition of the game has gone down significantly pre 2015 when I started. I just saw one dude with an expensive graphics card hop over a chicken and as I get drunker, I could only wish to have such a bright daylight where my game lags, even without touching the keyboard where I suppose a peripheral uses less resources than having to use a mouse where I think the game for macbook air lost its ground since november 27 2016 glove update. I don't want to blame the glove update, but using the controller feels like its getting worse, maybe because I started streaming and I care less about performance where I just want to play the game, I wish valve would make dreams come true and fix the game for mac. I think that only a 20 percent boost where hrtf doesnt miss bandwidth or unheard shots steps or plants, or sprays where my game assumes it has 59 fps high, where while playing it is way below 21 fps where I feel that its probably gonna get worse with the next update. I wish valve could make this game playable and faster with less resources, where I would feel that with a controller I have a good game, right now after playing 9 rounds of cobble, I surrendered my team because they were losing, on top of not winning 1 single round at silver 1 the quality of the game using more than enough minimum requirements made me turn off my twitch stream, the game and steam altogether, Just for that two or three seconds of missing sounds, fps delay, full spray that half of the shots are unheard plus the fps delay where I think as a major threat valve could deliver the best csgo, so that I could play the best csgo.
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[USA-FL][H] Chromebox with Kodi, Apple Laptop, Windows netbook, HP Microservers, Android tablet, Cell Phones, 3d Printers, Xbox 360, Other misc items. [W] Paypal, Google Wallet

I have a bunch of different items for sale. All items do not include shipping. Please PM me your zip and I will calculate shipping. I will consider best offer on anything. I will also consider trades however I do not need anything specific so would prefer cash. I have prices listed for Paypal. I prefer google wallet and will deduct paypal fees. All items come in original box. If you would like any additional pictures please let me know.
I also have available a $50 Google Play Credit that I am looking to sell for $40 Google Wallet Only. Must be activated by tomorrow (31st). Will send code via PM right after payment.
Zotac Zbox
3d Printer
Pebble Time
Android Tablet
Cell Phones
Sony Ereader
Port multiplier
Android TV Box
Litecoin Miner
Xbox 360
Exploding Kittens
Misc Items
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MacOS mining issues - IP banned - Synchronization Problems

Hello everyone,
I am new to the cryptocurrency world. I was brought in by that EverythingApplePro video on mobile mining. After watching I made a Coinbase account and bought $50 in Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin each. There was obviously a mention of Electroneum and it's low price and high potential. Thus, I decided to lean to mine for Electroneum. Currently I am a not so rich college student with only a 4 year old MacBook Pro and an iPhone 6 to his technological gain. I don't really want to mine on these products as I really can't afford to replace them. The good news is that my office has a computer that is really only used by me that I tried to mine on. Here are the computer specs. I don't exactly have slow internet with a typical speed of 50 mbps up and 8 mbps down.
I created a paper wallet successfully using the browser instructions. I then tried to begin mining using "electroneumd.exe" on terminal. It seemed like a really long process as I had to synchronize to the block chain of 89,000 blocks. I let it run all night and when I came back it wasn't done but I had to exit terminal to do some other things. Now when I come back my terminal looks like this. As you can see it gets stuck at 66799/86891 blocks and just stays there.
Obviously this wasn't working so I looked for an alternative method of mining. I looked and found people using MinerGate and SumoEasyMiner. Some people said MinerGate was a scam so I chose SumoEasyMiner with this setup. Although it seemed to be working there was something odd going on. As you can see I was at about 71.85 H/s, but when I would check on with my wallet address I was always hovering at 22-45 H/s. Now when I used the mobile miner on my phone I would typically only see a difference of a few H/s, not as drastic as on the desktop computer.
Now MY IP IS BANNED and I don't know why or what I did. After about 8 hours of mining this is my final result. I know it's not much but it's something.
If you have any advice as to how I can most efficiently continue to mine please let me know! Any mining software or help using terminal would be greatly appreciated.
UPDATE: I tried SumoEasyMiner on my laptop connected to the same wifi as the desktop and my IP is not banned. I'm at 45 H/s on SumoEasyMiner, but 12 H/s on the checker.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] What can I do to support #No2x with a couple hundred dollars and a lot of free time

The following post by ajhazdrf is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/744mw6
The original post's content was as follows:
After reading the post earlier today about joining Slush pool I decided to try running a node. I understand that mining/running a node isn’t “profitable” for me, but I think it’d be cool to support decentralization and be a part of the network beyond owning coins. I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat.
I’m currently downloading Bitcoin Core onto a MacBook w/ 4gb RAM. I’ve looked into grabbing a cheap 4-8gb desktop off Craigslist or an old miner off eBay, but I imagine people here could help optimize my time and money (and the resources of those reading who want to help) better than I can. What would you do with these resources?
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mining help please..

So I am a bit limited running a macbook pro with 10.6.8. I am more confortable with DiabloMiner as I have succesfully had that mining bitcoins (didn't actually mine for long, but was able to succesfully set it up), but also have CGminer installed. I can't get either of them working correctly with
Diablominer is showing
[1/20/14 11:00:47 PM] Added GeForce 9400M (#1) (2 CU, local work size of 256)
[1/20/14 11:00:49 PM] ERROR: Can't connect to Bitcoin: Bitcoin returned unparsable JSON [1/20/14 11:00:50 PM]
and CGminer 3.7.2 is showing error
[2014-01-20 23:03:27] Started cgminer 3.7.2 [2014-01-20 23:03:31] Network diff set to 873 [2014-01-20 23:03:32] Error -11: Building Program (clBuildProgram) [2014-01-20 23:03:32] :678:10:{678:10-678:20}: error: no matchi ng overload found for arguments of type 'unsigned int attribute((ext_vector _type(4))), unsigned int' B[i] = EndianSwap(tmp[i]); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I know I have an old slow computer, and have already bought btc/doge with usd, but I would also like to just mine whatever I can, even if it's close to nothing. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Best Sub-$500 ASIC Miner?

I'm new to bitcoin mining and have some expendable income I'd like to use to get some ASIC hardware. What are your recommendations for the best sub $500 ASIC miner.
From what I gather around this thread stay away from Butterfly Labs. Although this Ars Technica article peaked my interest regarding Butterfly Labs (as with the writer I own a Macbook Pro which also interested me).
As I said this is expendable income and I understand investments are for the long haul not the quick buck. I'd like to have a expandable system if possible as the difficulty will increase. I do plan on joining a pool.
So lay it on me /BitcoinMining what is the best ASIC option to get into mining for under $500 and possibly expand/upgrade from initial investment. Thanks for all your help and look forward to your responses.
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new to mining and vertcoin

Hi all,
So I'm new to mining and after spending a day researching, I feel that vertcoin is going to be something worth spending time and effort into. To be honest, I looked at bitcoin awhile back but then was too confused and there wasn't the support available. I feel that this time around I should be able to get further ahead.
With that said, I have some questions for you all:
  1. I have a desktop and laptop. The desktop has a single R9 270X graphics card while the laptop is a MacBook Pro late 2012 version (on board video). Should I try running a miner on both?
  2. I don't use the desktop much now since the HDD recently died. I was thinking it would be easier to run off a USB after reading about SMOS Linux. Will this distro work for vertcoin?
  3. With vertcoin gaining value, are most people holding onto it for now or trading it to bitcoin after they mine it?
Thanks in advance!
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09-25 09:42 - 'BitCoin MINING' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/adilm29 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-5min

Hi guys So I would Like to know about Bitcoin Mining, And how I can use it and The profit etc. I know that you need a miner and use computational energy to solve algorithms in a pool of bitcoin miners to successfully mine a bitcoin and share the prize. Kind of like a Boss killing in games.
I have a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2015. 2.9 GHz intel Core i5 8Gb memory 1867 Mhz DDR3 Intel iris graphics 6100 1356 MB I was wondering If i could purchase a bitcoin miner and successfully profit from it. I currently have installed solar panels in my roof which saves electricity. If so what are my options for bitcoin miner with my MacBook Laptop. If not should I build a good PC (With what qualities, Ram/Graphic cards) should i build with. As well as what miner I should use. Would be nice to know how much I would make a day, and explain the process much more clearly, as I am confused on what Hash rate is. Thank you :)
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Author: adilm29
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New to the Bitcoin. Have a few questions.

So after having heard about Bitcoins on-and-off for over a year, I finally decided to see what the all the hype was about. The currency look really interesting, especially how it can be generated, but because my Macbook Pro hardly has the potential for efficient Bitcoin mining, I did some research and found the ButterflyLabs 5 GH/s Bitcoin Minerfor $274 + shipping. However:
• There have been many discussions about horrible backlogs and wait-times on orders of any dedicated Bitcoin mining machine. How does this model compare? Will I be waiting months before it ships?
• I looked at some online calculators, and they said I should be able to have a net gain after about a month. Should market conditions be consistent enough to reach this timeframe?
• I like the idea of solo mining over pools. However, which is honestly better?
• Would Bitcoin mining on this hardware even be worthwhile? How skeptical should I be of Bitcoin mining in general?
Thanks in advance :)
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SLAX Miner 0.2

this is updated version of SLAX miner, old post is here
Features :
How To Install :
How To Run :
Added :
Changes :
bitcointalk thread
SLAX miner 0.2 download (257MB)
Donation : 1GE4dwPifw57JWz9izyXjiMCTe63PmXgth
*** newer version is [here]( ***
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MMW: Tech Landscape 2017

Bill Gates says that people overestimate what will happen in 5 years, but underestimate what will happen in 10. However, since I run an app business, I really need to estimate what will happen in 1 year. Here are my tech predictions, biased towards my space:
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I'd love to cpu mine a few nyancoin, but can't get any miners working on this old macpro....More info inside, but a bit guidance would be very appreciated

Thanks for taking the time to look at this....much appreciated.
I think the problem is that this old macbook pro has OSX 10.6 which apparently is too old for a lot of the mac-based gui miners (asteroid etc). I've currently got it hooked up to a BFL miner which has been using bitminter to generate an embarrassingly small quantity of bitcoins.
So I turn off all that shit and get scrypt miner downloaded, a pool joined, a wallet synched etc, and then it all goes to shit.
I've tried many fixes but can't make it work. The most promising errors contain a lot of stuff about libcurl dependencies. But I'm cautious to dive in and re-install a lot of this stuff. Many internet guides seem out of date, so blindly cut and pasting commands seems unwise.
So I think that's it....any suggestions/questions welcome! Thanks
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Mining crypto-currencies with a Mac easily How to mine cryptocurrencies on Mac BTC Mining Software FREE✔️2020 BTC Mining download FREE PC / Mac BTC Mining Software FREE ️2020📊 download PC / Mac - YouTube How to Mine Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin on Mac/Windows, using CPU or GPU with MinerGate and NiceHash

The entire bitcoin mining process is handled by the Bitcoin Miner Software to connect the Bitcoin miners to the block chains. The software helps in generating Bitcoin and delivering the work to and from the miner and the mining pools. There are so many software for running on the various platforms and operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac and others. The software helps in monitoring the ... Can I mine Bitcoin on a MacBook? UPDATE: Use Cudo Miner for Mac computers as its the most profitable mining software these days. Scroll back up to the top of the guide to join our FB group and get started mining. Yes, Bitcoin mining with a MacBook is possible with the help of a mining software called Niftyhash. The setup will be the same process as Nicehash, plug in your Coinbase Wallet ... Bitcoin Miner. It is the most popular bitcoin mining software you can choose for using on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. This software has easy user-interface for the comfort of miners, and it also has the power-saving mode. You can even know whether mining is beneficial or not. There are also many other excellent features of this software, such as quick share submission and mining pool support ... The Radeon RX 570 4GB is the most popular AMD miner and the P106-100 6GB is the most popular NVIDIA miner. For Bitcoin the Antminer S9 Hiveon is the most popular model; The Hive OS Advantage. If you’re in the business of cryptocurrency mining Hive OS can offer a real advantage in terms of efficiency, setup speed and ease of use. The centralized dashboard is well thought out and beautiful to ... Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency - anonymous digital money, essentially, that you can create on your computer. We look at how to mine Bitcoin on Mac, and discuss whether it's a good idea

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Mining crypto-currencies with a Mac easily

bitcoin, bitcoin mining software, free bitcoin mining, bitcoin mining, ... top free bitcoin mining software in 2020, mac os crypto gen, generator for cryptocurrency, free bitcoin app, blockchain ... How to Mine Bitcoin on Mac with Honeyminer - Duration: 5:09. At Tech 9,477 views. 5:09. Miner des crypto-monnaies sans matériel et générer des revenus passifs ! - Duration: 21:59. ... Mac Mining: Is it worth it? - Duration: 5:27. ... 6:00. How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti Beginners Guide - Duration: 19:20. How Much? 1,599,691 views. 19:20. Mining Digibyte to ... MAC Ok first up, mining on your Mac. On Mac I tried out a few apps including MacMiner, Zcash miner, Parity, MinerGate and ByteCoin wallet. Unfortunately I couldn't get any of them working with my ... What Is The Most Profitable Coin To Mine on an Apple Mac? - Duration: 7:36. Cloud Money 12,488 views. 7:36 . Unbelievably Useful Mac Productivity Apps - Duration: 12:52. DailyTekk Recommended for ...