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AIOMiner Update

Hello All,
I want to bring everyone up to speed on what is going on with AIOMiner.
First off, Starting January 1st 2020, AIO INC will no longer be a company. The battle
between keeping a product free and running a business is a difficult thing to accomplish.
That and the never ending battle of trying to legitimize mining software where every
antivirus software in the world sees you as a virus makes it difficult to convince the banks
and investors that this is a "normal" thing. Along with our signing cert being ripped out and
Google red flagging our site every other month, it takes its toll. AIO INC members took
a vote last week and we decided it was best to dissolve the company. You may have noticed
that all subscriptions have been canceled, and all current and new users have full access
to AIOMiners website and application as if they were a subscriber.
The project has been my favorite thing to work on, helping people learn how to
mine crypto with no fees attached was something that I took pride in. While others have
made amazing software to help you control your mining rigs, AIOMiner did it without asking
for anything from it's users (unless you wanted to do fun stuff on our site). While we
have kept costs low, in the end we are in the red, and have been for some time.
What does all of this mean for you? Well, April 2nd 2020 (because we can't do this on April 1st right?) the API and the Site will be taken offline before the server fees are due. This will cause
for all of your monitoring to go offline. The application will still work as it does today, just now
with no online features. We are talking about adding features to the current version for CPU/ACIS mining. AIOMiner 9 missed many release dates due to resource hogging and bugs. In the end AIOMiner 9 will be scrapped as we were using a front end that cost a ton of money and turned out to just eat computers alive to show a pretty picture. The team put a year’s worth of code into 9, but we would rather not release THIS bad of an application with
our names on it. I wish it worked out, but it just didn't.
While we are no longer a company, the project is still alive. If you find yourself needing a website of your own, I will check with the other developers to see if we can open source API/FrontEnd. As I would love to do that to allow users to run your own website, I need 100% approval from the other developers that helped. If we do open source it, we will make sure
to button up the website so you can deploy it to a single VPS/Server. Then you would just need to adjust the one line in the config to point to your new site. This will allow for farms or regular users to have a free source for online monitoring.
As for the application being open source, we still do not have 100% approval from all developers to do this. If this ever changes, you will all be the first to know. Just know that this code is not obfuscated, take that as you will.
I will still hold onto the domain just because it means a ton to me to keep it and
maybe I'll just turn it into a torrent site or a site that tells you "Yes/No it's not Monday". I'm
not 100% yet. The discord will still stay open and Shane is now the owner of it.
I want to thank the thousands of users who have used aiominer and I hope that it helped you understand how to mine crypto. BitcoinZ, ZelCash, and GoByte all chipped in at the start to help us get to where we are today. Users that donated kept us afloat the past year and I really am sorry that this didn't turn into something bigger. I know you all took a risk by donating into this quirky project. And I am sorry it didn't work out.
So, at the end of the month I will do a release where the website feature is removed, but is optional if we are able to release the website code. Also I will enable CPU mining to allow users to mine with your CPUs..finally
Thank you all for your support,
Bobby Roberts Jr.
Chief Technology Officer
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Using 7 BLOCKCHAIN Strategies Like The Pros

Blockchain, the innovative technology that became famous by Bitcoin and other cryptographic coins, has become a watchword in the technology and business sectors. Many industry giants, from Microsoft to IBM, made huge investments in the blockchain, suggesting that it could become an integral part of business development. As a small business owner, you may be wondering how you can use blockchain technology. In this article, I'll discuss five potential blockchain uses in your business. But first, let's quickly see what a chain of blocks is and why we consider using it.
What is a blockchain?
Processing img tulkvv47cg031...
A blockchain is a digital list of records protected by advanced encryption. The data in a blockchain is divided into blocks called blocks. Each block in the chain includes a cryptographic hash on the previous block, which essentially means that each block is very well connected to the previous block.

Since each block refers to the block that precedes it, switching to a single block also requires changing each block after the target block to ensure that the blocks always refer correctly. This structure makes blockchains extremely difficult, if not impossible, to modify the blocks added once.

Its resistance to modification is the reason why blockchain are so useful. Blockchain are really good for use cases that require accurate time. Each data block includes a date and time record, which means that blockchain are inherently linear in the way they store the data. Therefore, Blockchains offers businesses an unchanging record of data over time.

Now that we know what a blockchain is and what its strengths are, we can talk about possible applications in the real world of your business.

  1. Paperwork and Recordkeeping:
The most obvious application for block chains in business is paperwork and record keeping. Contracts, correspondence, proposals, memos, receipts and other documents can be digitally stored in a chain of blocks, which gives companies a clear picture of what happened and when. The advantage of a blockchain in traditional servers, in this case, is to ensure that the data has not been modified by malicious agents.
Several large companies use blockchains for this purpose. One such company is IBM, which has partnered with industry leaders including UPS, FedEx and Maersk, all members of Blockchain in the Transportation Alliance. Shipping companies quickly realized that blockchain technologies were a natural solution for keeping cargo status records transparent and up-to-date. In particular, the blockchain must be an effective means of document management, which currently suffers from administrative errors and fraud.

  1. Transaction Histories:
Since the blockchain was first introduced as the basis of Bitcoin and other cryptographic currencies, it is not surprising that block chains are also useful for maintaining transaction history. In the case of Bitcoin, the blockchain acts as a public record of all transactions on the network. Everyone can access the book and clearly show each transaction as it goes.
Blockchain is distributed, meaning that it is not held by any trusted entity. Instead, it is maintained by a network of nodes that validate each of the blockchain independently. Once a block is added, each node updates its personal copy of the blockchain. Nodes communicate with each other to ensure consensus on the blockchain's accuracy. Concurrent transactions or event sequences are canceled if they conflict with the majority registry. This structure allows Bitcoin to achieve one of its founder's main objectives: to ensure a precise transaction history without relying on a trusted third party (such as a bank) to play the role of validator.
Implementing a chain of blocks in your small business to track transaction history may not require such a decentralized structure. Instead, a blockchain could serve as a detailed record of debts and credits, which again would benefit from the assurance that the data can no longer be falsified after they have been entered.

  1. Supply Chain Management and Quality Control:
Another innovative use of blockchain technology is supply chain management and quality control. Walmart, for example, has partnered with IBM to use blockchain as a method to manage supply chains to and from their stores. Walmart products make a lot of stops between the manufacturer and the stores, and these stops offer many potential points of failure. This refers particularly to food products, which may be contaminated by bacteria and other diseases. In collaboration with IBM, Walmartis developing a blockchain that would track all stages between the producer and the stores, allowing you to track any product to its source in just seconds.
Possible applications of this include reducing the risk of E. coli epidemic by drawing a product on the farm from which it comes. A preliminary test of this application showed that the system could follow every step to produce a bag of mango slices in about 2 seconds, a process that would have brought the company 6 days with the previous technology.
Small businesses could use block chains in the same way as a powerful quality control tool. If a product sold by your company does not meet quality standards, finding the point of failure can be as simple as entering the product serial number and investigating the intermediate steps of your production.

  1. Coordinating with Other Businesses:
The speed, accuracy and security of block chains make them very useful for companies in industries that require effective coordination with other companies. One such industry is air transport.
Airports and airlines rely heavily on simplified data exchange to keep flights on schedule and keep traffic flowing. Sometimes, however, there are gaps in coordination. According to Kevin O'Sullivan, senior engineer at SITA, an airline technology company, each company maintains its own flight database and often does not share relevant information with all parties involved. "Separate copies tend to be out of sync" and the results can be expensive.
Last year, British Airways, in partnership with London's Heathrow airport, Geneva and Miami international airports, participated in an experiment called FlightChain, during which the different parties joined their flight data into a shared blockchain. The result was a unique database that secured complete and unquestionably true information. A shared registry like this has the potential to significantly reduce confusion and ensure smooth coordination in the airline industry.
Companies in sectors that require similar coordination could also benefit from investing in a shared blockchain. Keeping all the parts on the same page can help a lot in preventing problems that negatively affect your customers. And in case of coordination failure, the blockchain can serve as an unchanging record to hold the appropriate parties accountable.

  1. Decentralized data storage:
Finally, the ability of block strings to be protected by a network of nodes, rather than a single server, makes them useful as a decentralized method of data storage. Decentralization has several advantages over traditional server-based data storage.
On the one hand, a decentralized network will not have downtime due to server failures. Each node saves a complete copy of all data. Therefore, if a single node loses power or experiences other technical failures, the data will still be accessible from other nodes in the network. In other words, there is not a single point of failure that could lead to a service outage.
Decentralized data storage is also useful for increased data security. Data stored on a single server can be manipulated because there are no alternative data records for comparison. On the other hand, each node of a decentralized network maintains an independent copy of the network data. In case of a conflict in data records between nodes, for example, if a malicious actor can edit the blockchain on a single node, the other nodes in the network can replace the damaged registry. Decentralization makes blockchains incredibly safe even harder to compromise.

Below are some of the best-known ways to generate income with Blockchain

  1. Mining bitcoin:
The extraction of Bitcoin was relatively simple and the first miners managed to extract thousands of Bitcoins using their personal computer. However, in today's highly competitive and highly volatile market, miners buy expensive parts of computers that the consumer has little access to, which gives them greater processing power to exploit more complex algorithms. . Since this is a race that can solve the blockages more quickly, the miners join what we call mining groups, where they combine their processing capacity to solve each transaction first. The reward comes mainly from the expenses of several children, so they are shared by the members of the group.

  1. Help others, get tipped in bitcoin:
You can also get advice on bitcoins by helping other people. One of the most notable platforms in this regard is the bitfortip, a trick that encourages bitcoins to help people. Bitcoin is a new technology and there are people who are really passionate and enthusiastic about what will follow. Incentives like these help create a positive atmosphere in the community and also help people solve their problems.

Bonus: Gambling Bitcoins:
While this is not recommended for anyone, if you are self-aware enough, the Bitcoin gaming market can be a good source of income. Like any form of gambling, people usually lose and casinos keep earning, but as the bitcoin game is almost inaudible, you can get a great bonus for your membership or even several rounds of your environment. Sites like Bitstarz and mbit are the main players in the gaming industry.

These are just five potential uses of blockchain in business and ways to generate income. Because blockchain is still a very new technology (bitcoin and blockchain were first introduced in 2009), blockchain uses will continue to grow as more and more companies and developers start working with it. If one of these uses is suitable for your business depends on many factors that only you know. Those of you seeking to keep your business at the forefront of technology would do well to consider the blockchain.
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[Tuesday, 06. November]

World News

Anti-vaccine movement spreading ‘fake news’ online and putting children at risk, England’s top doctor warns
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Emmanuel Macron calls for creation of a ‘true European army’ to defend against Russia and the US
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U.S. soybean sales to China down 94% thanks to Trump trade war
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All news, US and international.

U.S. regulator demands companies take action to halt 'robocalls'
Comments | Link
Former Nazi SS camp guard, 94, goes on trial in Germany
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After almost 13 years of being wrongly convicted and imprisoned for murder, a Miami man is freed after an investigation made by twenty college journalism students.
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Energy cost of 'mining' bitcoin more than twice that of copper or gold: New research reveals that cryptocurrencies require far more electricity per-dollar than it takes to mine most real metals
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Air pollution linked to autism: study. The study found that exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) from vehicle exhausts, industrial emissions and other sources of outdoor pollution increased the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by up to 78%.
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Deforestation in Malaysia has brought humans and mosquitoes closer together, making it "ground zero for the next malaria menace"
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Amazon employees hope to confront Jeff Bezos about law enforcement deals at an all-staff meeting - The ‘We Won’t Build It” group sent a letter to the CEO this summer decrying the company’s relationships with police.
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Voting machine manual instructed election officials to use weak passwords.
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The Unresolved Issue of Verizon Throttling Santa Clara’s Fire Department Shows Why ISPs Need Rules
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

Guy Fawkes event in King's Point shut down for being actual dumpster fire
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Under Armour employees no longer allowed to expense strip club visits
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Man Reunited With Pet Snake He Accidentally Donated to Fort Worth Goodwill
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Ask Reddit...

Men of Reddit, what are the little things that attract you to someone that they would never guess you find cute, sexy, etc?
Reddit, what's a good mobile game that's not filled with cancerous amounts of micro-transactions?
What trend was popular when you were a kid that you thought, “man this will be popular forever. Surely this will never be dated!!”?


u/harritaco made the news!
PSA: New SSD Encryption Exploit (Can affect Bitlocker too!)
Tools & Info for SysAdmins - Network Tools, SysAdmin Book, Data Centre Podcast Etc

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL as a data analysis tool


Exporting to your clipboard as html
Need to download 1 million files via web requests and wants to speed up the process - what are my options?
Push powershell scripts and configuration from central server

Functional 3D Printing

Thought it belongs here
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Made this for my NATO bands
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3D printed Prosthesis Cosmetic Cover - Discrete Design [Creality CR 10]
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] US Population Projections by age through 2060
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Most representative country flag per continent [OC]
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[OC] My train journeys in the Netherlands since 2015
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that in 1983 the head of a woman was found in a peat bog in England. A man assumed it belonged to his wife, who he had murdered and dumped in the bog in 1961, and made a full confession. The remains were dated and discovered to be 1750 years old. The man was still convicted of his wife's murder.
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TIL That ants are self aware. In an experiment researchers painted blue dots onto ants bodies, and presented them with a mirror. 23 out of 24 tried scratching the dot, indicating that the ants could see the dots on themselves.
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TIL that Superman was originally a vigilante fighter and in one instance was fired upon by the National Guard after he destroyed a slum to force the government to build better housing for the poor. He was also often depicted using lethal force and attacking wife beaters, profiteers, and lynch mobs.
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So many books, so little time

Anyone else think the Bartimaeus trilogy is criminally underrated?
Please reread your high school book lists.
Just finished Steinbecks East of Eden

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

Young Freddie Mercury in his school in Bombay, Circa 1960
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Florence Ilott in 1934 becoming the first person to run across Westminster Bridge within the twelve chimes of Big Ben
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American Women voting for the 1st time - 1920
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Basic forces of flight explained
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Beautiful morning at Heathrow
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This airline's only plane.
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Reddit Pics

Grandpa is so Happy that Sam's is carrying potato's from his small farm in Idaho, he went to the store and bought a bag himself.
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This student sat under a tent in the windy rain and cold all day today in Brooklyn to help people find out if and where they can vote tomorrow. I asked him who he was working for, he said himself. This is what democracy is all about.
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Someone skipped the class where they told you that 50 years ago this wouldn’t have been a family either
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Prancing wolves slipmat.
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Animating a Soda Can
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I did some timelapses of inversion clouds
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

According to his owner, "He constantly thinks the screen door is closed, so we have to pretend to open it for him to come inside."
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Beautiful autumn, beautiful cat
Comments | Link
He wanted to be "a shirt" for Halloween
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Q&A series v. 1.0

Building Whalesburg
We are getting questions from investors and bloggers who are not professional miners. They know in common words what it means, what hardware miners use but are not so familiar with numbers of this field. We regularly get questions how much profit Whalesburg will bring to our customers. So we decided to write a post which explains the basics of mining ROI.
This article is not for skilled miners; some details are not covered here!
What is typical ROI in mining, how Whalesburg will improve it?
Mining ROI hardly depends on the hardware you use (GPU or ASICs), cryptocurrency prices, network difficulty, hashrate and other variables, which changes over time. It means that real data may hardly differ from those provided in this article.
Let’s refer to a well-known website on the page of Antminer S9 ( This website is quite popular and has an API used by thousands, so the data seems to be trustworthy. It tells that the price of a single piece of S9 is $2,725, its power consumption equals 1,375W, return per year is $3560 (incl. electricity costs) and ROI equals 130%.
This way you will get $3560 — $2725 = $835 net income at the end of the first year if variables below will remain same. The second year will bring you $3560 more. Note calculations was made using price of 1 BTC = $10516, electricity price $0.12 per kW/h and network difficulty = 18,633,837 PH/s.
Now let’s take a look at website on SHA 256 algorithm: screenshot is in a Medium post
As you can see, there is an option to mine UNIT which more profitable than BTC by 31% (!!!). So switching some of the pool’s hashpowers to this coin and converting UNIT to BTC on the fly could increase miners profit. This is the main concept of Whalesburg smart mining pool.
There is another problem — low UNIT’s network hashrate which can prevent this coin being such a profitable one if we will switch all our powers to it.
We are developing an algorithm which will vary hash powers among new coins and split profits between all participants. So, if someone will mine COIN1 with 130% BPR (BTC Profit Rate) and other will mine Bitcoin with 100% BPR — each of them both will get 15% more profit than just mining BTC. A module which responds for payouts will convert them to BTC by intent and split rewards among participants with PPLNS method.
Same picture we can see on other algorithms. For example our MVP use Ethash: screenshot is in a Medium post
Will your partners who are mining hosting companies hold WBT or they will propose Whalesburg to their clients?
All partners will have a will to hold WBT tokens for their clients, and they agree to such terms. The fee of 0,45% is cheap; additionally, they get a monitoring tool built to fulfill their needs. It is a win-win deal. Clients of our partners are investors, not IT geeks. They don’t need to hold these tokens to see increased ROI in reports. We offer services to any size mining facilities. They will want to hold our tokens and use our software. Can you make some more concrete arguments in favor of Whalesburg regarding time-saving and increased ROI?
Now miners need to set a bunch of tools like EthMiner, Autominer, Claymore, Afterburner, and others. We incorporate all this functionality in one. Miners need to analyze the profitability of dozens of coins, look for good pools, create and run a .bat or .sh file to stop/run miners. They need to understand this all! Miners need to monitor the state of their hardware manually, and if something happened (drops of hash rate), they need to become a hardware doctors and to heal their farms. Let me tell you a story. Miner has a mining rig built with 8 GPU cards. He mines ETH with X MH/s. Suddenly he finds that hash rate become 0.6X MH/s — this is a 40% drop!!! But all the cards are working, responding at the same delay and have the same hash rate which is (0.6X)/8 MH/s. So Miner takes out GPUs one by one and restarts this rig until he founds one GPU card which causes a problem. He replaces this card with another one, and his rig’s hash rate returns to X MH/s. He still doesn’t know what is wrong with his GPU card. The Whalesburg monitoring tool can prevent failures and diagnose problems automatically and notify Miner. Even try to heal it disconnecting card programmatically.
Return rate:
A long time ago we experimented with my friends who own mining rigs and who were mining ETH. We’ve chosen most popular “smart mining pools” like Nicehash, Miner gate, and solo mining mode with Claymore miner. The last mode was to mine with Whalesburg proof-of-concept solution — it was EthMiner + Autominer which connects to a pool of the most profitable coin among EtHash algorithm. So we connected five mining farms of the same hash rate to each of these modes and start to gather live statistics. A week was gone, and we calculated profits, rates, metrics: Lowest was solo mode mining with Claymore (obvious reasons — low hash rate, high difficulty). And still it brought to rig owner around 80% to average experiment income; Then go Nicehash and Minergate with 90% of average income, and both more-less were looking similar. was the best among all the previous and gave 115% of average experiment income. chart was hopping from one coin to another frequently at the start, then it stabilized and showed 125% of average income.
Why we generate more profits, strong part:
The first server-side auto-witching algorithm. The one in the world — all other smart pools leave this to a clients side. Transparent fees. Blockchain-based accounting shows we are not hiding a penny and using actual exchange rates. We have more Ethash coins already, at the start. We have other architecture that other mining pools, the proprietary software we coded our own from scratch. To be confident we can promise at least +15% income to whatever they use now.
Whalesburg is in the early stage. We have just released an MVP. Our pool’s hashrate on start will be low comparing to the biggest pools on the market. This is what we need to work out, but it will be easy.
Whalesburg team
Join telegram chat:
Test our MVP:
Stay tuned!
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How one big bang sent China to the fringes of the bitcoin universe

Then the Chinese government announced in early September that it was banning ICOs, a crowdfunding approach widely used by cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups. It also said trading in bitcoin would cease on exchanges in China by the end of this month to limit risks to investors. Transactions evaporated and prices plunged, eroding China’s share of the global bitcoin marketplace. While players in China continue to fear for the future of cryptocurrencies in the country, investors elsewhere have shrugged off Beijing’s ban and sent bitcoin prices back to the highs of early September just before the clampdown – underscoring China’s waning influence in the area. “For now, China as a market for crypto-tokens is out of the picture,” Thomas Glucksmann, from Hong Kong-based exchange Gatecoin, said. Chinese investors fume over Beijing’s bitcoin crackdown
Some Chinese exchanges said they were considering setting up shop overseas but Glucksmann said foreign ICOs and exchanges would find it difficult to solicit interest from the mainland. “[That’s] because China is blocking access to websites of foreign exchanges. And foreign ICO founders want to avoid any backlash from regulators in China especially if the environment in China becomes more welcoming in the future,” he said. While the authorities have put a ban on trading, Chinese individuals are still free to own or “mine” cryptocurrencies. According to data from virtual currency software platform, China accounts for about 70 per cent of the world’s bitcoin mining power – computer server farms that tap into cheap electricity to solve the complex mathematical problems that underpin bitcoin. Garrick Hileman, a research fellow from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance in Britain, said the authorities were careful not to kill off mining, the “goose that lays the golden egg”. “Mining is the key infrastructure asset in China, not the exchanges, not the liquidity,” Hileman said. “This is quite significant and it may speak to the future trajectory of Chinese regulation.” China’s bitcoin miners in limbo after Beijing shuts down exchanges
In the meantime, some Chinese “miners” could be forced into bankruptcy as they struggle to cash out their virtual coins into yuan to pay their bills. Without exchanges, miners could be forced to turn to shadowy swaps over social messaging apps or other marketplaces. “The result would be a more geographically distributed mining industry where the hashing [or processing] power is not concentrated among a handful of firms in China,” Glucksmann said. However, the jury is still out on the broader future of cryptocurrencies. This week, Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, dismissed the bitcoin rally as a bubble and forecast it to crash. Then last week, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said it would be unwise to dismiss virtual currencies, and encouraged central bankers to being open to “fresh ideas and new demands as economies evolve”. Hileman said there is equal opposing forces at play in the debate. “A lot of people are taking some comfort in some of these developments and shrugging off the negative ones. Possibly the correct interpretation is the positive news has outweighed the negative so far,” he said.
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[Table] IAMA full time Indie games developer, head of Chucklefish Games. Lead dev on Starbound + previously artist on Terraria. AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-08-19
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Well, will you actually control and fly spaceships in Starbound? And what is your motivation for making games? Have you started thinking of your next project? Any idea on the genre it would be? What indie project are you following right now? What's the most complex spriting work you've ever done? Right now spaceships are more of a planet link, though you will be able to get inside them and play with the controls. A lot of people are saying they desire actual space travel gameplay, so we're looking at adding it to our post release update schedule. But right now we're focusing on the planet driven gameplay.
We've not really discussed a next project yet but I've wanted to do a multiplayer harvest moon/rune factory style game for a while.
I'm following secrets of grindea a lot at the moment, the game seems really tight. Also under the ocean looks really pretty, but I haven't actually had a chance to play it yet. Finally I'm eagerly awaiting the multiplayer update on tower climb.
The hardest spriting I've done has probably been anything that requires 4 legged animation. It makes my brain hurt. Luckily Starbound has much better artists than me working on it!
Also on the Terraria website you once mentioned that pets may be coming soon. Do you think pets will be added to Starbound? It's going to be possible to capture almost any monster in Starbound and have them fight by your side.
Is there even the slightest hint on when the game will be out? Also i love you. We're aiming for the end of the year. I love you too.
What did you dislike most about Terraria, and how will you go about fixing that in Starbound? The games actually play very differently. I wouldn't say Starbound is a Terraria sequal, so it's difficult to say I'm going to improve on X Y Z.
That said, I think a problem with Sandbox games in general is that they become a little dull once you've experienced all the content. When you're discovering new things, new items or new recipes there's a thrill there that disappears eventually.
My goal with Starbound is to keep that thrill going indefinitely.
What do you look like in real life? I like to think of you as a slimmer, younger version of Malcolm Reynolds , with or without the coat. This is a picture I sent in response to a magazine asking for a photo of me. Link to
That, and I really enjoyed Terraria, and can't wait for Starbound! They printed it unedited >:D.
You are now RES tagged as "MR. HANDSOME". TIL you can tag people on RES! Thank you!
You look a little high in this picture. Are you? Maybe.
How did you come up with the name of your company, Chucklefish LTD? I was at the aquarium one day and this fish looked as if it were laughing at me.
What's your favorite aspect of making indie games? My favourite aspect is seeing an idea just come to life. Sooner or later it begins to evolve beyond your initial concept and takes on a life of it's own. You just have to try your best to steer it.
Is there any possibility of being able to pre-purchase Starbound and get beta access once it gets to a stage where it is in a properly playable state? We're still talking about this internally. On one hand betas are great for feedback.
On the other I feel as if some people purchase a game in beta on the basis of what they hope the game will become, rather than what it actually is. It would be good to deliver a product and let people know exactly what they're buying before they put down any cash.
That said, I expect Starbound to evolve for a long time post release. So perhaps I should just do it. The debate goes on.
When did you start designing art in the style of Terraria/Starbound? Was it Pre-Terraria or was Terraria the start of the style of drawing? The art style in Terraria was purposefully low-fi and I think it completely fit the concept of the game but it was my first attempt at that style of pixel art. Here's the one that we found most inspiring for Starbound's art style I think: Link to (sorry I couldn't find the original link).
Hey Tiy! I know you can't give any details, but how many playable races can we expect? And will there be any racial bonuses that effect gameplay or will it be mostly an aesthetic choice? We're aiming for around 6 for release. Races are largely aesthetics only. Giving them bonuses isn't difficult, but I hate presenting a player that has never played the game before with an early choice that will affect the rest of the game for them.
One thing that is unique per race is the visuals used when they craft basic objects. So an Avian will craft an Avian chest whilst a human crafts a human chest.
I have a few questions. The terrain generator has a ton of settings that we haven't really shown off yet, it's capable of generating mountains, canyons, hills, flats, chasms, etc. It's also capable of building very different tunnel systems. Sometimes these two systems come together to produce really cool, unique and alien terrain.
For Starbound, does the terrain generator generate REALLY WEIRD stuff? Not just regular rolling hills, but stuff like floating islands, sideways trees, floating water blobs, etc.? I'm happy to say it never looks "broken" though, it's intelligent generation.
Aaaand third, did you expect Starbound to get such a big reaction to its development? I didn't expect such a big reaction, we're all just doing our own thing. But I'm very thankful for it and I'm going to make sure the game is awesome.
(Fourth: what's your favorite type of weather? sun, overcast, rain, snow, thunderstorms, etc.) I love the thunderstorms in the game right now, archvince worked on generating lightning in real time, the sky gets much more cloudy, trees sway in the wind and it pours with rain. It's very atmospheric.
What are some of your favourite video games of all times? I'm massively into fighting games. So any of the capcom classics, street fighter 3/4 etc. As a kid I grew up on the (good) sonic the hedgehog games, mario games, snes rpgs and a bunch of classic C64 stuff.
Do you play other games? What are they? (board games, P&P RPG, anything) My mrs gets me to play boardgames now and then, Carcassonne is a great game. I haven't had a chance to try a P&P RPG before..
Is game development going according to plan? As in, have there been any major hiccups? Largely according to plan for a long time now. Honestly all the difficult mind bending parts have been completed, so it's just a case of trucking along.
How will the main space station in Starbound work? The space station is still heavily under development, so a lot is in flux there. That said I'll tell you where it sits right now.
The space station is the games hub, it serves as a meeting point, a place to conduct research, a cooperative building and management activity and more.
In servers with open PVP enabled, it serves as the only place in the universe that's completely safe. There are no hostile monsters and players can't damage each other. But outside of the station the games takes on a bit of a DayZ feel. With players forming groups, building their own homeworlds and making up the rules as they go. Other players could become valuable allies or dreaded space pirates, it's up to the players.
Everything I've said so far is up in the air, but that's it's current purpose.
How many players could be on a server at a given time? If your server could handle anything, what would the max be? It's entirely down to the server specs, there's no real built in max right now. Although the game runs well on low spec machines presently (60fps on a basic macbook air), it's actually completely unoptimised at the moment, so we haven't done any stress testing yet.
How did you get into developing indie games? The first game I worked on was actually a mod for unreal tournament. From there I joined a couple of open source games which really helped me to understand the development process and confirmed for me that this is what I wanted to do with my future.
I think largely getting into indie development now is about having a good idea, having a skill that contributes to the construction of that idea and having the ability to inspire people so they'll join your cause.
Will starbound feature steamworks? like cloud saving, matchmaking, achievements, steam server and so on? or do you guys build your own server infrastructure? I can't talk about that yet, sorry :(
I know Starbound will have random weapons, But there will be also unique weapons? I think the charm of Terraria was that every weapon was different and had its own characteristics. We're drawing a bunch of unique special weapons too :)
Are there different types of ammunition besides "energy" and "normal"? If yes, can you give examples? We've kept ammunition extremely simple so it doesn't turn into inventory management hell. However the way the gun FIRES that ammunition will differ per gun.
How mining will work in Starbound? Can we make machines / robots to mine automatically ? There are no automatic mining machines in game at the moment, though vehicles are on the table, so it's entirely possible we could add a mining vehicle.
I'm a big fan, can we expect space ships? My curiosity got the better of me. There are spaceships in the game, their primary purpose at the moment is to take you from one planet to another and carry any crew you want to take with you.
On that same note, can we expect any major customization from the spaceships? Regardless though that sounds awesome. We're going to try to work in some spaceship customization if we have time. Ideally spaceships will provide a mini base when exploring an alien world and give you a bunch of benefits.
How will the weapons be balanced? Weapons are intrinsically balanced through the generation system.
How will interplanetary travel work in multiplayer games? Capture the flag style games will be part of the arena asteroids, might have to wait until post release though.
How will melee weapons work in Starbound? There are energy weapons in Starbound that take from the players overall energy pool. There are healing items for teammates.
Melee weapons are interesting as there's blocking and counter attacks.
There are no coop arena modes at the moment, but that could change post release.
No hired helpers, but you can capture monsters.
Weapons are procedurally constructed both in terms of their visuals and their stats. They also fire or handle differently, every gun is different.
If you want to form a band of evil space pirates and go around attacking other players homeworlds you can do that.
What advice do you have for someone getting into the game development industry? Make friends, learn a valuable skill, don't be afraid to make an ugly prototype of your idea to show it works. Joining open source projects is a great entry point.
What is your favorite game/mod that you've made? Haha well honestly my favourite game right now is Starbound, I'm having a blast developing it. I also still love a mod I made a long time ago for unreal tournament 2004 called Deathball Tennis.
Will there be a playable demo for Starbound? I'd like to put out a demo at some point.
When are you aiming to release Starbound? We're aiming to release the game by the end of the year, but will take as long as it requires for it to be fully baked.
What platforms are currently planned for the release of Starbound? Just Windows, or are you considering OS X and/or Linux? It already runs natively on OSX and Linux. Hell it runs at 60fps on a macbook air :) So, windows, osx and linux.
How do you plan on showing people, customers, that starbound is more than a terraria 1.5 (or even 2)? how is the game different? I think it'll become pretty clear once we show off more of the gameplay, we've been taking our time with the initial impression because it's such an important one.
Outside of all the different features..
Gameplay in Terraria was more jump and run, classic platformer. Gameplay in Starbound attempts a slower, more strategic approach. We've actually been looking at games like dragon's age and guildwars whilst working on the combat and spelunky with the underground portions.
Some of my work is on Cool stuff, I like the back to the future art.
Is that still in on release? That's still in for release.
has it been relegated to a post-release feature? Worlds loop like pacman.
Also, will the worlds have a horizontal end like Terraria or will it just loop to the other side like, say Pacman? Alpacas are cool.
Do you think that you will be happy with the game's progress and release it by the end of the year as it's been said? or do you think it will need more time. It's looking good for the end of the year at the moment, but I'll just take as long as it needs to be polished and sexy.
Do you have an actual copy of Terraria? The sound guy who did an AMA a while ago didn't have his own copy. :( I have a copy yeah! I'll see if I can send one to the composer.
Is the game expansive enough that you could settle down on a single planet and get enough resources from that planet that you could play on it as if it were a similar game to Terraria? The engine certainly supports planets of that expanse. But it's actually something we've been experimenting with recently. Starbound supports a bunch of "biomes" at the moment, and the same biome is different on a per planet basis.
So we're thinking that perhaps making a single planet so expansive might be a bad idea. We want players to explore multiple planets and see how a forest can look on various alien worlds. On top of that, the great thing about encouraging the player to keep moving is that planets can become throwaway. That allows us to do things like blow them up completely or have meteor showers that completely destroy the landscape.
The important part is making sure the player isn't disturbed by those elements once they decide to set up a home base.
Will you be adding a modding API to the game for launch, or perhaps post-launch? Even the simple ability for hosting players to add new skins, sprites and objects to the game world would be fantastic. Minecraft still doesn't have chair or table objects for simple decoration purposes. We'll be adding a fully fledged modding API post release, but the way the engine is built makes it incredibly easy to add new objects, monsters, weapons, etc etc. With zero programming knowledge required. I'll see if we can allow access to that for release.
How many cats feature in Starbound? Rho has added a lot of cats.
What's the origin of your alias Tiyuri? It's from a blues song :)
Can you make a workshop like TF2 or Dota2(place where you can show your monster sprites and concepts and if many people upvote this it will be in a game?) The game would work really well with these kind of additions. I'll see what I can do.
How do you react when people call Terraria a copy of Minecraft? (It really isn't in case anyone was wondering). By the way Starbound looks amazing! Well I think minecraft is the key player in something that's become it's own genre. You can draw the same comparisons between any two games that share a genre.
In Starbound, there are ton of features and goals that's gonna be planned for the game. Aren't you worried about that it's gonna be too much work or is that in control? Honestly it's pretty much under control. The large majority of those features are already complete and everything challenging is already done.
So what awesome stuff should we expect to see in Starbound? Besides, well, Starbound? Lots of penguins.
Will there be a kickstarter, buying the beta (the same way as minecraft) or anything like that? This game looks really promesing. I haven't planned a kickstarter, I'm also from the UK so I don't think I'm able to do one?
Have you considered bitcoins as payment method? I don't know enough about bitcoins at the moment.
If we could only try one Indie game, what would you suggest? Oh god, just one? Hmmm.. Spelunky maybe? It has a ton of replay value.
Where there any armor sets in Terraria that were unreleased or not added into the game, but were actually drawn? And could We see them? NDA stuff :( I'm sorry.
B. Will there be stronger or better versions of unique weapon mods (for instance, split bullets could be improved to a double split, 25% extra speed mod to 35%, etc) C. Will there be a way to make pets stronger, or do we need to get a stronger pet? I. Will there be any areas with alternate physics? There should be... Players have a form of digital currency that they can't hide in a chest, it's always with them, attached to the player. There are good gameplay reasons for this decision. Mods will have variants There will be ways to make pets stronger.
D. Can pets die, or be gone forever? Pets can't die forever.
E. Can you capture bosses? G. How do you capture pets? You can't capture bosses.
As a closing note, transmutation abilities or spells. I wanna turn into a dragon, or an elemental. Or maybe a living explosion. Anything that makes me the uber cool god of everything I touch. You know what I'm talking about. I do know what you're talking about ;)
How is the difficulty of the game? One of the reasons I loved Terraria was that hard mode was actually really hard - in an enjoyable way. Can we expect the same? Depending on server settings the game can be very difficult.
Side question, do you get annoyed at the constant comparisons to Terraria? Not annoyed, but I do think people will see it's a very different game once they get to give it a try themselves.
Server settings? are you allowed to explain that in more detail? :D. We plan for a survival mode, that requires food/water at some point, open PVP mode and so on.
Hello Tiyuri! sorry if this has been asked already, but is there a decided price on release? D: i'm probably blind! but I suppose it's better to ask than be ignorant. keep up the good work, loving the looks of Starbound! Probably $9.99-$15.00 depending on what the distributor suggests. Thank you for the support <3.
Do you make only the art for Starbound or do you work on other parts of the game as well? I direct the game as a whole as well as implement content and draw some art. The other artists are far better than me though, so they do all of the difficult stuff.
It has been mentioned earlier that you will be able to visit your friends' planets using sets of coordinates, but I never saw any confirmation as to how: Will you actually visit your friends' planet and play with them like multiplayer, or will it function like seeds in Minecraft where it just generates a planet similar to your friends' that you visit alone? Coordinates are indeed like seeds in minecraft. For you to actually meet your friend there, you'd need to be on the same server.
I've noticed that enemy appearances vary quite a bit, but what about their AI and behavior? How much will enemies differ behavior-wise from each other? This one has been eating at me for some time: for the different threat levels, will enemy types be selected in accordance to those threat levels? (Would enemies appear more threatening on harder threat level planets than easy threat level planets?) Enhancing weaponry is still up in the air, on one hand it takes away from finding new stuff.. on the other, it's cool. Enemy AI and behaviour is rather varied. Monsters have different ways to attack, different stats based on their construction and different Diablo/Torchlight style behaviours, such as "runs away when low on health" Enemies will be more threatening on the higher threat level planets.
Will bosses be procedurally generated as well? Bosses will be.
I'm curious as to what framework/engine and language Starbound is written in. Terraria was written in C# with the XNA framework, is it the same for Starbound? Starbound is written from scratch in C++
I am not sure if it breaks the NDA, so if it does I'm sorry. In the FAQ you have mention that it is possible to ride a machine. Are there any flying machines besides the land machines? There aren't yet, but I would like there to be.. so there probably will be.
Tiyuri: Gameplay in Terraria was more jump and run, classic platformer. Gameplay in Starbound attempts a slower, more strategic approach. We've actually been looking at games like dragon's age and guildwars whilst working on the combat and "spelunky" with the underground portions. The underground varies from planet to planet, some are complex and some are not. The depth also varies but it is rather deep. Resources vary as well.
Spelunky eh? So then does this mean that the underground will be much more expansive and complex than Terraria's was? If so then I must know, in some at least estimated measurement, just how deep will the underground go? Will it vary from planet to planet? Also Will resources from the different planets actually be different from one planet to another? And lastly, also sorry for so many questions xD , how will server play work? Will anyone be able to go to any planet they wish and, if so, how is each planet saved in the system? Such as how Terraria saves everything to a map and Minecraft saves everything per chunk. Will Starbound save each planet to its own file? Players on a server can go to any planet they wish. Different players on different planets works fine. The server saves the difference between the seed + the changes the player has made.
What is your role as lead developer? Do you do any programming etc? or work on idea and concepts that make the game more interesting, or stick to art / project managing roles? I do a little bit of everything, I work on the art, implementation, etc. I guess most importantly I keep the project on track.
How deep storyline Starbound will have? We're hoping for a light hearted story with lots of lore. You can examine any object in the game to get a description, point and click style, so the lore plays a part there too.
What programming languages or programs do you use to make video games? Do you have any thoughts on Multimedia Fusion 2? What is your advice for others to be as awesome as you? And who is your favorite My little Pony? I've worked on games using a number of languages, currently we're using C++. Multimedia fusion 2 is as good as the games it produces and there have been some superb MF2 games. I think it's only really the end product that matters.
I've been told to say Derpy Hooves
If Chucklefish needed a programmer right now, what qualities would you look for? The most important thing we look for in a programmer is the ability to get things finished. We meet a lot of extremely talented coders who get so wrapped up in the complexity of their programming they never actually just get anything shipped. To prove you're that kind of person, a portfolio of finished work is absolutely the best thing. Even if the work itself is somewhat simple.
Also, how much do the artists and programmers interact and what's the office environment like? The artists and programmers interact non stop, we're all good friends, we spend a lot of time playing games together and otherwise goofing around.
Haha thanks for the answer. I think artists and programmers alike can get stuck on the "just one more tweak and..." stage. I look forward to playing Starbound! I'll try and make it really easy, maybe a radio item or something that plays music files in a specific directory.
Is there any future in game development for the Microsoft XNA platform, or do you consider it just a hobbiest's platform? I think XNA has a future, but I think people are increasingly wanting their software to be multiplatform and XNA doesn't jive too well with that.
Do you think there is a point where it is "too late" to break into game development? Do you hire people who have been programmers for years, but have never done game development? It's certainly never too late, and we do hire programmers who've never done game programming before. What's most important is the ability to deliver, a lot of very talented programmers just never seem to get their projects to the point that they can set them free.
Do you have the game code backed up to somewhere other than one other computer you keep next to your main coding computer? I'd hate it if someone broke into your flat and stole all your code... Yeah we use version control :P.
Will there possibly be a way to engage in other game modes after reaching a certain point in game, such as a ladder of endless waves that consecutively increase in difficulty? (similar to the goblin army in Terraria except it gets harder and harder) Or enable difficulties that are more survival based where you would have to upkeep a farm for food or keep moving from planet to planet hunting? maybe something such as "hunger" in Minecraft? We have plans for a (potentially post release) survival mode with hunger, thirst and so on. Which will play into the DayZ style open PVP server settings.
There will also be asteroids with PVP style arenas on them, making waves of monsters spawn in those wouldn't be difficult :)
So far I've seen that Starbound has confirmed Humanoid, Avians, and Ape races. Are you ready to announce a new race just for the Reddit AMA? If not its okay. I love your work and look forward to forfeiting so much productivity once I buy Starbound. I can't just yet :( sorry. But we'll announce one soon!
Hey Tiy, There isn't an option to choose a dominant hand at the moment (though you could just to always wield your single handed weapons in your left hand), but it's an interesting idea.
I was just watching a WelshPixie video from about 5 Months ago which highlighted NPCs, Shields, and Weapon Usage. She mentioned the fact that there will be a Left and Right-handed system corresponding to the Mouse buttons. Now my question is during character creation will we have the ability to choose a dominant hand? With that hand would we have specific perks like a Quicker draw, higher Crit Chance, or higher Damage with that hand due to being more adapted to this hand? Because I know that I am Left-handed and it loses most of the... Fluidity and (I'm drawing a blank as to what I'm thinking... How you're drawn into the game and get sucked into the feeling...) when I see a game where you are supposed to be able to customize it to your liking and you are always Left-handed I always feel slightly left out. Also, will there be the possibility to be attacked in Space and crash land? Asteroid fields requiring a certain skill (Skill as in mouse skill not in-game skill) to traverse otherwise you crash into one and go into a sort-of survival mode and wait for rescue? Space attacks don't exist at the moment as we're mostly concerning ourselves with the planet based gameplay, but space flight gameplay seems to be the number 1 request for post release.
I just thought of another point I would like clarified :3 will there be GUIception? By this I mean will there be equipment which we have that has a GUI of its own that we may open with a mouse-click or Hotkey? Kyren wanted to do microchips this way.
What does "implementation" mean, as far your job goes? If not programming, what does that entail? Or is it just a masterful system of delegation? Well, our engine is such that implementing assets doesn't actually require any programming anymore. You can add objects, items, enemies, biomes, etc etc with zero programming knowledge.
do you mind disclosing your REAL name, you puppet-master of art and innovation? My real name is Zerk winklebottom.
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