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Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Worldcoin, Dogecoin, Novacoin, Primecoin, Feathercoin, Namecoin and Terracoin. - Contact and ask them to add POT obviously! submitted by domaZh1g to potcoin [link] [comments]

History of Bytecoin on

Hello guys,
I want to show you something. Something I have in mind for a while. I don't know when it is time to show it, but maybe now when is quite. I very much regret that I don't have my first coinmarketcap printscreen when I started checking cryptocurrencies at 2012 but there are a lot of websites that do this :-)
It's for reflection. That where Bytecoin is after so many years :-) Bytecoin was created at 2012. It was listed in 2014 on coinmarketcap. The first printscreen available for domain is 09.05.2013. I compared the ranking of the back then and the present. Interesting where Bytecoin is located back then and now.
I think Bytecoin is one of the most underrated projects in the whole cryptcurrencies world.

1. Bitcoin - Current Rank 1
2. Litecoin - Current Rank 6
  1. Namecoin - Current Rank 362
  2. PPCoin - Current Rank 440
  3. Feathercoin -Current Rank 607
  4. Terracoin - Current Rank 684
  5. Devcoin - not rank anymore
  6. Freicoin - Current Rank 1315
  7. Novacoin - Current Rank 960
  8. CHNcoin - not rank anymore
  9. BBQCoin - not rank anymore
  10. Ixcoin - Current Rank 1057
  11. Mincoin - Current Rank 1486
  12. BitBar - Current Rank 1469
15. Bytecoin - Current Rank 72
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A brief history of the 2013 market peak; why some alts really do die; and what would've happened if you'd given in to FOMO

This piece is a follow-up to my earlier piece, which looked at what would’ve happened if you’d purchased alt-coins shortly after the bottom of the 2013-2015 bear market. A lot of the constructive criticism that I received was that I was too bullish on alt-coins, and that the timing was too convenient. Although it’s fair to say that I am bullish on crypto in general and alt-coins in particular (with several major caveats for both), I agree that it’s important to not just focus on historical analyses where it’s fairly clear that you could have earned money. So, today’s research question is whether you’d still be underwater if you’d bought in to the market at or near the 2013 all-time high. All information cited herein comes from the historical charts available at CoinMarketCap.
TL;DR: This worst-case scenario analysis shows that $300 invested equally across 15 of the 40 coins in existence near the market’s peak in 2013 would be worth only $429.95 today—gains which are entirely attributable to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. This is basic, but it can be dangerous to buy high. This is especially true of alt-coins, but even the top three coins in our sample saw fairly lackluster results when bought at the top of the market. Finally, nothing in this post should be taken as investment advice. This is only intended as historical analysis. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
A Brief History of the 2013 Market Peak
According to CoinMarketCap, the 2013 bull market peaked on December 4, 2013, at ~$15.87 billion in market capitalization.* Thereafter, the market crashed dramatically not once, but twice. In the first crash, which occurred between December 5-8, 2013, overall market cap fell by ~39% to ~$9.66 billion. Then, after a brief recovery to ~$13.57 billion on December 10th, the market fell precipitously, to ~$5.7 billion on December 18, 2013. Thus, over the course of only two weeks, from December 4-18, 2013, the market lost ~64% of its value. Although this was by no means the end of the 2013-2015 bear market--which lasted for approximately 17 months and saw an additional decline of ~45% from the December 18, 2013 low--this was the end of the beginning.
What If I Bought Crypto Right as the 2013 Market Peaked?
Generally, the first rule of trading is** that you want to buy low and sell high. As a result of their fear of missing out (“FOMO”), however, many people find themselves accidentally buying high. Today, I’m going to look at what would have happened to someone who bought their crypto right as the market was peaking. Ideally, I would run this experiment from December 4, 2013, but due to the limited data available from CoinMarketCap, I’m forced to choose between November 24th, December 1st, December 8th, and December 15th. Of those dates, I have selected December 1, 2013, because it represents the worst possible scenario for which I have data. On that date, total crypto market cap, which had hit a new high of ~$15.4 billion the day before, swung wildly between a high of ~$14.83 billion and a low of ~$12.18 billion. Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly when CoinMarketCap’s snapshot was taken. That said, it’s clear that our hypothetical FOMO trader is about to lose his shirt over the next few weeks, so let’s dive into the specifics.
On December 1, 2013, there were 40 coins listed on CoinMarketCap. I won’t list them all here, but of those 40, all but 11 are still listed as active on CoinMarketCap. The truly dead (or “inactive”) coins are BBQCoin (BQC; rank 16), Devcoin (DVC; rank 19), Tickets (TIX; rank 22), Copperlark (CLR; rank 24), StableCoin (SBC; rank 25), Luckycoin (LKY—ironic, I realize; rank 31), Franko (FRK; rank 34), Bytecoin (BTE; rank 35), Junkcoin (JKE—how apt; rank 36), CraftCoin (CRC; rank 39), and Colossuscoin (COL; rank 40).***
Now, since this post is already incredibly long, instead of testing all 40 coins, let’s take a decently-sized sample of five coins each from the top, middle, and bottom of the stack, and look at what happens. For the middle, although the temptation is to take decent alts, let’s fight that and take the group with the highest failure rate: ranks 21-25. So, here’s out pool:
Now, here are how our sample of coins has performed as of when I write this:****
So, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our top-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth $411.80 (the profitable coins) + $3.06 (PPC) + $4.27 (NMC) = $419.13—a 4.19x increase.
Now for the two coins in the middle five that didn’t completely die:
So, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our middle-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth ~$15.19—an ~84.8% loss.
Finally, here are the two coins from the bottom five that didn’t completely die:
So, excluding everything buy Argentum, if our hypothetical FOMO trader had invested $100 in our bottom-five sample near the 2013 peak, it would currently be worth ~$2.96—a ~97% loss. Putting it all together, $300 invested in this sample of 15 coins as close to the peak of the 2013 market as the data will let me get, would be worth $429.95—a disappointing, but not-unexpected ~30.2% increase over five years. That said, I’m honestly somewhat amazed our FOMO trader made anything at all on this basket of coins, considering how many of them failed. In any case, all of his gains came from the top-three coins from 2013: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple.
What’s the lesson here, what’s the takeaway?***** Most importantly, I think the above analysis shows that it can be very dangerous to buy alt-coins when the market is at or near an all-time high—a conclusion that appears to be true regardless of where the alt is positioned in the market. That said, there are a few caveats: (1) this sample was intentionally bad, in order to reflect a worst-case scenario; (2) even buying the top-three coins at the all-time high didn’t net our FOMO trader particularly large gains when compared to someone who bought these same coins after the crash. Therefore, I think that the most important lesson here is not to buy high in the first place. Investing solely because of FOMO will probably cause you to lose money, unless you have invested equally in a broad range of cryptocurrencies, like the trader in our hypothetical. Even then, however, our FOMO trader probably would have done better investing in an S&P Index fund over the same period.
*This is a correction to my earlier piece, in which I stated that the cryptocurrency market peaked on November 30, 2013, at a total market capitalization of ~$15.2 billion. I made this error due to having failed to narrow the date range of the chart so I could properly zoon in. That said, the exact details of the market peak don’t affect the conclusions from my last piece, which considered trades made after the market had bottomed out.
** …you do not talk about trading. Wait, that’s the wrong rulebook.
*** Since I already typed it out, here’s the list of remaining active coins, in descending order: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Peercoin (PPC), Namecoin (NMC), Megacoin (MEC), Feathercoin (FTC), WorldCoin (WDC), Primecoin (XPM), Freicoin (FRC), Novacoin (NVC), Zetacoin (ZET), Infinitecoin (IFC), Terracoin (TRC), Crypto Bullion (CBX), Anoncoin (ANC), Digitalcoin (DGC), GoldCoin (GLD), Yacoin (YAC), Ixcoin (IXC), Fastcoin (FST), BitBar (BTB), Mincoin (MNC), Tagcoin (TAG), FlorinCoin (FLO), I0Coin (I0C), Phoenixcoin (PXC), Argentum (ARG), Elacoin (ELC)
**** I know that we could have sold them sooner, and probably for more money, but let’s just assume that our hypothetical FOMO trader was a founding member of the #hodlgang. ;-)
***** Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on a breakaway! You’re welcome. ;-)
Disclosures: I have previous held Litecoin, and currently hold approximately $140 of Ripple. I do not believe this influenced my analysis in any way. I have never bought or held any of the other coins discussed in this analysis.
Edits: Formatting, typos, minor clarifications.
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Ethereum is so powerful, someone made a fully Proof of Work mined cryptocurrency inside it - to the moon!

To all the Ethereum haters and to everyone spinning up their own blockchains, to those who think all of the new tokens are just scam ICOs, you are wrong. Ethereum is better than that. Now there are also pure Proof Of Work mined cryptocurrencies within ethereum (as tokens) - you don't need a separate blockchain to launch trustless cryptocurrencies anymore you can just use the one world blockchain - Ethereum.
As of 2018 there are four Token Mining Pools running and many open source Token Mining clients. This is pretty big for Ethereum and scary for smaller mined cryptocurrencies. We can rebuild any Cryptocurrency inside of ethereum now. Bitcoin, litecoin, feathercoin, namecoin, peercoin, anything. Buckle up.
Look at how ridiculous this is:
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Top 20 coins by development activity

List below from coingecko, sorted by development activity. I've added the launch dates to the best of my knowledge to give a sense of what has staying power and what the new kids on the block are.
Edit 2: Seems I missed a couple when I was hand-copying this so adding the ones I missed (Zcash, Lisk, Counterparty) so the list / numbers are updated.
  1. Bitcoin (BTC) - 2009
  2. Ethereum (ETH) - 2015
  3. Litecoin (LTC) - 2011
  4. Monero (XMR) - 2014
  5. Siacoin (SC) - 2015
  6. Steem (STEEM) - 2016
  7. Ripple (XRP) - 2012
  8. Zcash (ZEC) - 2016
  9. Lisk (LSK) - 2016
  10. Counterparty (XCP) - 2014
  11. Golem (GNT) - 2016
  12. Dogecoin (DOGE) - 2013
  13. LBRY Credits (LBC) - 2016?
  14. Dash (DASH) - 2014
  15. Gridcoin (GRC) - 2013
  16. PIVX (PIVX) - 2016
  17. Decred (DCR) - 2015
  18. Storjcoin X (SJCX) - 2014
  19. Factom (FCT) - 2014
  20. Augur (REP) - 2016
  21. Namecoin (NMC) - 2011
  22. BitShares (BTS) - 2013
  23. Feathercoin (FTC) - 2011
EDIT: These are core development rankings, not ecosystem rankings. The latter would have to be estimated and I don't know anyone who's attempted to do that comprehensively.
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Looking for coin performance comparison over x years

I found this list on CoinMarketCap:, and I'm wondering, is there something like this that shows which coins performed best over e.g. last year or two? This one only shows last hour, day or week.
EDIT: Ok, I've crunched the numbers myself (don't ask how I got them...). The results were rather surprising to me, because even the 3y ranking is dominated by coins I haven't heard about or haven't thought they existed for so long (though a lot of them, like Qora, are there mostly because of an insane pump that happened only recently).
Raw data here: gist
Top 10 for YTD:
coin today 1 Jan change
Qora 0.176462 0.0000672066 262466.47%
AvatarCoin 0.116205 0.000114385 101491.12%
NoLimitCoin 0.368427 0.000372906 98698.89%
AllSafe 0.00735184 0.00000953821 76977.77%
DigitalPrice 0.0197341 0.000037992 51842.78%
BunnyCoin 0.0000341063 0.0000000796197 42736.51%
CageCoin 0.000024909 0.0000000782674 31725.51%
ExclusiveCoin 1.30316 0.00439123 29576.42%
Blocknet 23.1461 0.101597 22682.27%
Top 10 for 1 year:
coin today 1y ago change
Qora 0.176462 0.0000684091 257851.06%
AvatarCoin 0.116205 0.0000637388 182214.38%
Espers 0.000212543 0.000000302871 70076.08%
Sphere 2.92259 0.00636886 45788.75%
BunnyCoin 0.0000341063 0.00000010437 32578.26%
PutinCoin 0.0400808 0.000131598 30357.00%
Stratis 7.10454 0.024516 28879.20%
Braincoin 0.00950107 0.0000345739 27380.47%
Money 0.00145457 0.00000572612 25302.37%
ExclusiveCoin 1.30316 0.00515825 25163.61%
Top 10 for 2 years:
coin today 2y ago change
Qora 0.176462 0.0000225435 782662.22%
MonetaryUnit 0.155872 0.0000294857 528535.92%
Sphere 2.92259 0.000938704 311243.09%
CorgiCoin 0.0000968452 0.0000000328454 294751.64%
NEM 0.278246 0.0000976958 284708.56%
Nexus 1.81899 0.000826005 220115.37%
Bata 0.722641 0.000430843 167627.22%
NeosCoin 4.07421 0.00247099 164781.69%
ExclusiveCoin 1.30316 0.000796246 163562.99%
Energycoin 0.158606 0.000115695 136989.76%
Top 10 for 3 years:
coin today 3y ago change
Qora 0.176462 0.0000658854 267731.72%
CorgiCoin 0.0000968452 0.0000000459759 210543.40%
BelaCoin 0.149587 0.0000752966 198563.68%
BitSend 0.378919 0.000429678 88086.74%
Energycoin 0.158606 0.000204023 77639.27%
Coin(O) 0.00915102 0.0000125196 72993.55%
FairCoin 0.615846 0.000922797 66636.89%
Emercoin 1.20275 0.00205644 58387.00%
FlorinCoin 0.0992454 0.000191427 51745.04%
DopeCoin 0.0254237 0.0000515054 49261.23%
Top 10 for 4 years:
coin today 4y ago change
Quark 0.0227772 0.000327424 6856.48%
Bitcoin 4271.55 126.36 3280.46%
Ripple 0.19891 0.00641998 2998.30%
Megacoin 0.151252 0.00514796 2838.10%
Litecoin 60.3449 2.52787 2287.18%
WorldCoin 0.0845771 0.00389273 2072.69%
GoldCoin 0.112574 0.00747471 1406.07%
Ixcoin 0.0803244 0.00643945 1147.38%
Infinitecoin 0.0000855653 0.00000697194 1127.28%
Peercoin 1.88558 0.174528 980.39%
And now, the same but filtering only coins with at least 10M market cap:
Top 10 for YTD (10M+):
coin today 1 Jan change
NoLimitCoin 0.368427 0.000372906 98698.89%
Blocknet 23.1461 0.101597 22682.27%
Shift 1.96999 0.00872424 22480.65%
MonetaryUnit 0.155872 0.000792857 19559.54%
Verge 0.00350225 0.0000192511 18092.47%
SpreadCoin 2.96792 0.0172515 17103.84%
Stratis 7.10454 0.0678906 10364.69%
Decred 40.3719 0.470095 8488.03%
Bitcoin Plus 121.979 1.52648 7890.87%
Top 10 for 1 year (10M+):
coin today 1y ago change
Stratis 7.10454 0.024516 28879.20%
MonetaryUnit 0.155872 0.000718362 21598.25%
Verge 0.00350225 0.0000172378 20217.27%
NeosCoin 4.07421 0.0205698 19706.76%
Bitcoin Plus 121.979 0.622475 19495.81%
Blocknet 23.1461 0.170305 13490.97%
Viacoin 1.28503 0.0108013 11796.99%
SpreadCoin 2.96792 0.0284649 10326.60%
CloakCoin 5.49503 0.0587458 9253.91%
SIBCoin 1.10964 0.0128894 8508.93%
Top 10 for 2 years (10M+):
coin today 2y ago change
MonetaryUnit 0.155872 0.0000294857 528535.92%
NEM 0.278246 0.0000976958 284708.56%
Nexus 1.81899 0.000826005 220115.37%
NeosCoin 4.07421 0.00247099 164781.69%
Energycoin 0.158606 0.000115695 136989.76%
Bitcoin Plus 121.979 0.108848 111963.61%
Gambit 8.95988 0.013593 65815.40%
Blocknet 23.1461 0.0460437 50169.85%
SysCoin 0.158786 0.000365229 43375.74%
Viacoin 1.28503 0.00402023 31864.09%
Top 10 for 3 years (10M+):
coin today 3y ago change
Energycoin 0.158606 0.000204023 77639.27%
FairCoin 0.615846 0.000922797 66636.89%
Emercoin 1.20275 0.00205644 58387.00%
FlorinCoin 0.0992454 0.000191427 51745.04%
Bitcoin Plus 121.979 0.27112 44890.78%
Mooncoin 0.000074275 0.00000021449 34528.65%
NAV Coin 0.488193 0.00255366 19017.38%
Dash 357.412 2.33402 15213.15%
Rubycoin 0.572208 0.00397048 14311.56%
I/O Coin 2.00328 0.0155517 12781.42%
Top 10 for 4 years (10M+):
coin today 4y ago change
Bitcoin 4271.55 126.36 3280.46%
Ripple 0.19891 0.00641998 2998.30%
Litecoin 60.3449 2.52787 2287.18%
Peercoin 1.88558 0.174528 980.39%
Namecoin 2.11737 0.59333 256.86%
Feathercoin 0.0591114 0.13272 -55.46%
And one more funny stat - most stable growth, measured by minimum yearly change over last 3 years:
coin today 1y ago 0-1y change 2y ago 1-2y change 3y ago 2-3y change minimum
SolarCoin 0.185368 0.0362092 411.94% 0.00886683 308.37% 0.00254049 249.02% 249.02%
Emercoin 1.20275 0.383594 213.55% 0.0116608 3189.60% 0.00205644 467.04% 213.55%
BitSend 0.378919 0.00400235 9367.41% 0.00136607 192.98% 0.000429678 217.93% 192.98%
FlorinCoin 0.0992454 0.00251251 3850.05% 0.0010057 149.83% 0.000191427 425.37% 149.83%
Mooncoin 0.000074275 0.00000137885 5286.74% 0.000000472426 191.87% 0.00000021449 120.26% 120.26%
BelaCoin 0.149587 0.00176336 8383.07% 0.000139306 1165.82% 0.0000752966 85.01% 85.01%
Coin(O) 0.00915102 0.00045603 1906.67% 0.0000202872 2147.87% 0.0000125196 62.04% 62.04%
Rubycoin 0.572208 0.0969535 490.19% 0.00614655 1477.36% 0.00397048 54.81% 54.81%
Piggycoin 0.000629564 0.000108524 480.11% 0.0000315547 243.92% 0.0000205152 53.81% 53.81%
Storjcoin X 0.890522 0.120631 638.22% 0.0161898 645.10% 0.0108786 48.82% 48.82%
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Changing fortunes of Bitcoin and other Alts over the last 15 months

I've taken a shapshot of the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies roughly every 3 months. Interesting to see the rise and fall of alts that have come and gone.
1st October 2015
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 3,462,762,191 $ 235.97 14,674,400 BTC
2 Ripple $ 178,259,115 $ 0.005487 32,488,247,336 XRP
3 Litecoin $ 126,049,392 $ 2.96 42,526,785 LTC
4 Ethereum $ 49,501,745 $ 0.672636 73,593,660 ETH
5 BitShares $ 15,413,997 $ 0.006136 2,511,953,117 BTS
6 Dash $ 13,539,145 $ 2.32 5,837,197 DASH
7 BanxShares $ 12,870,760 $ 1.79 7,174,497 BANX
8 Dogecoin $ 12,382,393 $ 0.000122 101,207,990,800 DOGE
9 Stellar $ 9,506,954 $ 0.001965 4,837,356,606 STR
10 Peercoin $ 8,707,525 $ 0.384202 22,663,925 PPC
11 MaidSafeCoin $ 8,348,325 $ 0.018447 452,552,412 MAID
12 Nxt $ 8,131,676 $ 0.008132 999,997,096 NXT
13 Namecoin $ 4,686,987 $ 0.373046 12,564,100 NMC
14 Bytecoin $ 4,434,133 $ 0.000025 176,505,398,422 BCN
15 TRMB $ 4,042,959 $ 0.157313 25,700,093 TRMB
16 Monero $ 3,897,589 $ 0.409711 9,513,021 XMR
17 Counterparty $ 2,138,597 $ 0.810343 2,639,126 XCP
18 BlackCoin $ 2,054,441 $ 0.027391 75,003,401 BLK
19 MonaCoin $ 2,025,324 $ 0.089262 22,689,550 MONA
20 YbCoin $ 1,743,531 $ 0.581177 3,000,000 YBC
20th July 2015
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 3,974,631,422 $ 275.95 14,403,500 BTC
2 Ripple $ 259,579,896 $ 0.008135 31,908,551,587 XRP
3 Litecoin $ 157,982,204 $ 3.86 40,944,898 LTC
4 Dash $ 20,465,610 $ 3.66 5,593,286 DASH
5 Dogecoin $ 17,063,205 $ 0.000170 100,256,202,510 DOGE
6 Stellar $ 14,285,488 $ 0.002953 4,837,356,606 STR
7 BitShares $ 13,356,632 $ 0.005317 2,511,953,117 BTS
8 MaidSafeCoin $ 12,807,957 $ 0.028302 452,552,412 MAID
9 BanxShares $ 12,758,543 $ 1.85 6,888,504 BANX
10 Nxt $ 12,747,863 $ 0.012748 999,997,096 NXT
11 Peercoin $ 11,483,211 $ 0.510438 22,496,779 PPC
12 Bytecoin $ 8,608,567 $ 0.000049 174,750,657,424 BCN
13 Namecoin $ 7,353,974 $ 0.612530 12,005,900 NMC
14 Monero $ 4,646,713 $ 0.541559 8,580,253 XMR
15 Counterparty $ 3,926,305 $ 1.49 2,639,923 XCP
16 MonaCoin $ 3,325,062 $ 0.155807 21,340,900 MONA
17 Startcoin $ 2,840,526 $ 0.101716 27,926,046 START
18 YbCoin $ 2,811,090 $ 0.937030 3,000,000 YBC
19 BlackCoin $ 2,548,753 $ 0.034002 74,958,905 BLK
20 BitcoinDark $ 2,186,462 $ 1.78 1,225,987 BTCD
31st March 2015
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 3,474,140,797 $ 248.13 14,001,575 BTC
2 Ripple $ 262,967,308 $ 0.008241 31,908,551,587 XRP
3 Litecoin $ 63,137,156 $ 1.67 37,745,654 LTC
4 Dash (DarkCoin) $ 21,419,319 $ 4.09 5,242,163 DASH
5 BitShares $ 15,280,223 $ 0.006100 2,504,975,101 BTS
6 Dogecoin $ 12,640,832 $ 0.000128 98,830,620,919 DOGE
7 Stellar $ 11,783,236 $ 0.002743 4,295,544,131 STR
8 Nxt $ 10,181,270 $ 0.010181 999,997,096 NXT
9 MaidSafeCoin $ 8,564,238 $ 0.018924 452,552,412 MAID
10 PayCoin $ 7,586,343 $ 0.506943 14,964,883 XPY
11 Peercoin $ 7,294,149 $ 0.328673 22,192,724 PPC
12 Monero $ 6,942,366 $ 0.996285 6,968,253 XMR
13 Namecoin $ 4,601,776 $ 0.410018 11,223,350 NMC
14 YbCoin $ 3,590,610 $ 1.20 3,000,000 YBC
15 Rimbit $ 3,322,813 $ 0.029620 112,181,024 RBT
16 Counterparty $ 3,089,729 $ 1.17 2,646,359 XCP
17 MonaCoin $ 2,371,048 $ 0.131211 18,070,500 MONA
18 NuShares $ 2,237,282 $ 0.002736 817,803,672 NSR
19 Bytecoin $ 2,125,213 $ 0.000012 171,295,579,735 BCN
20 SuperNET $ 2,015,597 $ 2.47 816,061 UNITY
9th January 2015
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 3,876,760,802 $ 282.89 13,704,225 BTC
2 Ripple $ 638,792,693 $ 0.020621 30,978,075,200 XRP
3 Litecoin $ 70,622,660 $ 1.99 35,428,954 LTC
4 PayCoin $ 48,356,969 $ 3.92 12,333,790 XPY
5 BitShares $ 35,407,529 $ 0.014174 2,497,973,773 BTS
6 MaidSafeCoin $ 22,890,689 $ 0.050581 452,552,412 MAID
7 Stellar $ 19,321,940 $ 0.005424 3,562,376,875 STR
8 Dogecoin $ 16,207,945 $ 0.000166 97,375,424,924 DOGE
9 Nxt $ 16,178,853 $ 0.016179 999,997,096 NXT
10 Peercoin $ 9,476,673 $ 0.430832 21,996,214 PPC
11 Darkcoin $ 8,661,652 $ 1.72 5,021,335 DRK
12 Counterparty $ 8,332,555 $ 3.15 2,646,533 XCP
13 Namecoin $ 6,604,386 $ 0.619906 10,653,850 NMC
14 NuShares $ 4,810,273 $ 0.007927 606,852,810 NSR
15 FuelCoin $ 4,262,121 $ 0.042544 100,181,963 FC2
16 SuperNET $ 4,040,049 $ 4.95 816,061 UNITY
17 BanxShares $ 3,228,894 $ 1.25 2,586,882 BANX
18 YbCoin $ 3,054,270 $ 1.02 3,000,000 YBC
19 Monero $ 2,450,105 $ 0.435580 5,624,925 XMR
20 NuBits $ 2,275,973 $ 1.01 2,245,634 NBT
16th October 2014
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 5,187,737,842 $ 387.45 13,389,300 BTC
2 Ripple $ 139,648,476 $ 0.004817 28,989,252,282 XRP
3 Litecoin $ 131,750,623 $ 4.00 32,951,001 LTC
4 BitSharesX $ 53,343,093 $ 0.026673 1,999,883,512 BTSX
5 Dogecoin $ 24,223,669 $ 0.000257 94,270,195,027 DOGE
6 Nxt $ 24,099,730 $ 0.024100 999,997,096 NXT
7 Peercoin $ 22,382,321 $ 1.03 21,813,214 PPC
8 Counterparty $ 10,946,697 $ 4.13 2,647,487 XCP
9 Darkcoin $ 10,463,716 $ 2.20 4,753,210 DRK
10 Namecoin $ 10,436,588 $ 1.04 10,059,750 NMC
11 BitShares PTS $ 4,966,256 $ 2.82 1,760,653 PTS
12 Monero $ 3,911,183 $ 0.963133 4,060,896 XMR
13 CannabisCoin $ 3,185,559 $ 0.034746 91,682,115 CANN
14 BlackCoin $ 3,066,140 $ 0.041051 74,691,357 BC
15 BitcoinDark $ 3,013,343 $ 2.54 1,187,955 BTCD
16 Stellar $ 2,766,714 $ 0.001962 1,410,264,600 STR
17 XCurrency $ 2,512,058 $ 0.452679 5,549,314 XC
18 NuBits $ 2,261,202 $ 1.01 2,240,455 NBT
19 Bytecoin $ 2,201,779 $ 0.000013 163,752,182,041 BCN
20 Feathercoin $ 2,183,232 $ 0.037578 58,098,530 FTC
17th July 2014
Coin Market Cap Price Supply
1 Bitcoin $ 8,079,211,482 $ 620.09 13,029,200 BTC
2 Litecoin $ 253,997,311 $ 8.39 30,288,400 LTC
3 Ripple $ 45,634,353 $ 0.005837 100,000,000,000 XRP
4 Nxt $ 41,799,175 $ 0.041799 999,997,000 NXT
5 Darkcoin $ 31,145,380 $ 6.96 4,478,070 DRK
6 Peercoin $ 30,115,925 $ 1.40 21,562,200 PPC
7 Dogecoin $ 20,977,746 $ 0.000240 87,573,300,000 DOGE
8 Namecoin $ 16,626,316 $ 1.78 9,365,250 NMC
9 MaidSafeCoin $ 13,828,088 $ 0.030556 452,552,000 MAID
10 BlackCoin $ 8,319,197 $ 0.111486 74,621,000 BC
11 BitShares-PTS $ 7,068,793 $ 4.28 1,651,950 PTS
12 Mastercoin $ 7,004,384 $ 12.44 619,478 MSC
13 Bytecoin $ 6,850,462 $ 0.000043 157,935,000,000 BCN
14 Monero $ 6,755,537 $ 3.13 2,158,960 XMR
15 Counterparty $ 6,366,838 $ 2.40 2,649,030 XCP
16 XCurrency $ 5,545,529 $ 1.01 5,517,500 XC
17 VeriCoin $ 5,296,643 $ 0.197692 26,792,400 VRC
18 Zetacoin $ 3,759,361 $ 0.023409 160,594,000 ZET
19 CloakCoin $ 3,303,315 $ 0.731445 4,516,150 CLOAK
20 Quark $ 2,945,728 $ 0.011876 248,030,000 QRK
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Relative number of active nodes

There is a site named Bitinfocharts which collects various data about cryptocurrencies, including lists of active nodes with public IP addresses. We can take counts of these nodes and confront them with market capitalizations, to see which currencies have infrastructure behind them. (This comparison will probably favor small currencies and also proof of stake currencies, as they give more incentives to run a standalone node). Below we can see how it looks for some recognizable, Bitcoin-descendant currencies (the higher the number in the last column, the better):
Currency Market capitalization (USD) Number of nodes Nodes per 1 million $ market cap
Bitcoin 11,845,593,211 5944 0.50
Litecoin 258,252,871 910 3.52
Dogecoin 33,776,888 606 17.94
Peercoin 10,372,110 230 22.17
Namecoin 6,601,751 190 28.78
Feathercoin 6,504,807 51 7.84
BlackCoin 2,435,341 105 43.12
As we can see, BlackCoin is a clear winner.
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around $60 in about a week and a half, $49 of that from one site.

Opinion Outpost fillout surveys for points, redeem points for paypal, amazon gift cards, frequent flyer miles, a couple of others that i don't recall cause i only cash out to paypal. 100 pts = $1 on paypal, and most surveys are around 15-25 pts, plus every so often you'll get bonus pts. i've earned and successfully cashed out $49 in a little over a week. no referral system to worry about, about an hour a day should be fine, i keep doin surveys til i run out for the day. heads up, a couple of them will say stuff like "select 3 out of 10 for this" just to make sure you aren't clicking wildly but thats rare. $10 minimum FIRST payout to paypal, $3 minimum after that, transfers to paypal within minutes. [Opinion Outpost](
the rest of this is ways to earn bitcoin, but since the value tends to fluctuate its hard to say how much you could make, but my bitcoin wallet is at about $15 (combined from these sources) since i started.
Land of Bitcoin this one will take you to tons of faucets and (loosely) keep track of when they are ready to dispense again. i would recommend hiding faucets that don't payout to a or account, which is just a handful, mostly so that you can more easily keep track of all your loose satoshi floating around out there. i suggest creating an account and leaving the main page open, you'll get more free satoshi and if the faucet ever stops just enter the captcha and more free comin your way. also earned a decent amount playing the Kate poker free-rolls, but just a heads up it didn't adjust for daylight savings so you'll have to check Kate Poker for when the freerolls actually start Referral Non Referral
Earn Crypto this one is a bit of a mixed bag, you have to be careful about the offers it has or you'll wind up with a bit of spyware and such. do the surveys and account creation stuff (on a throw away email) for easy "crypto points" which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, you pretty much name it, even Linden for second life, seriously. Avoid the "supersonicad" section and do the Peanut surveys or the Crowdflower tasks and watch the occasional video for the most "crypto points" ever 1000 crypto can be exchanged for you preferred coin. i got 1400 points for creating a fake turbotax account in about 15 seconds. AVOID any offers that want you to download something or check your credit scores, for pretty much anything else a throwaway email is all youll need but i STRONGLY recommend just stickin to the peanut lab surveys. Referral Non Referral
Bit Chest a simple temp wallet and a list of consistently paying faucets that you can use ever 30 minutes will earn you the minimum payout of 5000 satoshi in a bout a day with very little effort. no muss, no fuss, NO SIGNUP, just enter a bitcoin wallet address
Qoinpro this is the only true faucet i've found in my opinion, but if you are a bitcoin person its also the lowest paying, relying more on referral system to actually earn you something. this site pays you Bitcoin(0.00000001), Litecoin (0.00000030), Feathercoin (0.00002419), Fedoracoin (0.39141087), and infinitecoin (0.02272727), in small amounts every 24 hours. people are pushing for them to add dogecoin to the faucet but its not there yet if you're a dogeperson Referral Non Referral
Freebitcoinz 2000 free satoshi ever 24 hours for just entering 2 captcha's. quick and simple. for every 1000 a referral earns you earn an additonal 250 Referral Non Referral
update: just wanna say thanks to everyone who clicked on my various referrals :)
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Terracoin will be in the top 10 once again! History will reapeat!

As the billions turn into trillions and greater we are going to need all the real, original, tested, proven, coins there is. Just take a couple looks back at the historical snapshots and see what coins were in the top ten from 2013 on. Terra has hung in there pretty good and is definitely one of the original gangsters of crytpo right behind Bitcoin, Litecoin, Mona, Peercoin, Namecoin etc., Alot of the coins from back in the day that had strong emotional support will once again rise I believe. People, governments, or companies who want to get into this space want something that has been put through the wringer and the kinks have been worked out before they invest billions and billions of dollars into it.
Feathercoin, peercoin, namecoin just to name a few will be the next big boomers once the flood gates open. You haven't seen anything yet as far as money coming into cryptos. The total marketcap is like Bill Gates and his homies on the weekend. Its literally pennies compared to whats going to come in. Get ready and dont buy into hype coins with no real product yet or any testing. Look at old projects that had strong emotional support by a large community and arent as lively anymore but still kicking and have a backbone and a good utility for their coin. Those are going to be your diamonds in the rough. There was a reason there was strong support then and I dont see why it wont come back.
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New Idea: Peer 2 Peer, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

A powerful idea occurred to me earlier today that would benefit the state of cryptocurrencies immensely if it became a reality. A network where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in a P2P fashion with a block chain type architecture similar to what cryptocoins use themselves. Decentralized and out of the control of any individual.
It cuts out the middle man and reduces the need for "exchanges". For example, you can trade Bitcoin for Litecoin, PPC, Namecoin, Feathercoin, or whatever other currency is supported without the need to pay any transaction fees or pay a "percentage" to an exchange. Direct trades from one person to another throughout the network. I would imagine the GUI would look like a crossbreed between the current QT wallet software coins are using and napster back in the good ole days.
It also opens up a whole new market for investing, without your spread price, or any trade fees. A P2P exchange like this would only make crypto more popular because it would attract virtually every investor that currently trades on the Forex market. No spread = GG. It's a Forex traders wet dream.
Assuming this was created and ran smoothly, the only reason we would need any exchanges like Mt.Gox at all would be to convert crypto into fiat. There would still be an exchange fee for this of course but that's understandable. With the infrastructure finally getting put in place for BTC and LTC, it's quite feasible that we won't even need to trade crypto for fiat in order to pay for the things we need in daily life in the near future.
I'm sure I'm not alone in being able to appreciate this idea, and how awesome it would be for cryptocurrency in general. Alas, I'm not a programmer so I decided to put this out in reddit land, hoping a group of brilliant young minds see the value in the idea and actually create it.
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List of all crypto currencies that have ever existed

I've attempted to list all the crypto currencies ever, which took many hours and much searching. If I missed any, which I'll be extremely surprised if I didn't, please tell me and I'll add it to the list.
66 Coin
Amazon Coin
Bitcoin sCrypt
Copper Bars
Cryptographic Amomaly
Deutsche eMark
Electronic Benefit Transfer
Flappy coin
Florin coin
Geist Geld
Gold Coin
Gold Pressed Latinum
GPU Coin
Imperial Coin
Insanity Coin
Kimoto Gravity Well
Klingon Darsek
Lottery Tickets
Magic Internet Money
Mason Coin
Mint coin
MMM coin
No Coin
One last coin
PKR coin
Popular Coin
PyBy Coin
Quick Quick Coin
Rare Coin
Sauron Rings
SHIT coin
Sun Coin
UFC StarTrek
UFO coin
Union Coin
Yuan Bao Coin
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Currently Circulating Cryptocurrencies

Pretty new to the scene. But, as far as I can tell, the list of current digital cryptocurrencies is as follows (Name/Abbreviation/target coin#):
Bitcoin, BTC, 21 million
Litecoin, LTC, 84 million
Feathercoin , FTC,~4xLTC
Terracoin, TRC, 42 million
Peer to Peer Coin, PPC, unlimited/undertermined
Namecoin, NMC,?
Devcoin, DVC, ? IxCoin, IXC, 21 million
Novacoin, NVC, 2 billion, but open
Ven, Ven, ? ,
Liquidcoin, LQC, unlimited
I0coin, I0C, ? (maybe dead)
Freicoin, FRC, 100 million
Also: Yacoin and Chinacoin (CNC) are being sold on eBay as new "cryptocurrencies. First time I've seen them.
Missing any? Thoughts on the list? Thoughts on particular currencies? Which are rising, falling, dead, dying? Should we collect them all? A few? Which ones? How would you rank them from best to worst?
Right now, I just have a few BTC, LTC and PPC. Thinking about a couple others.
Note: I didn't rank them in any particular order. Just how they came to mind or as I researched them.
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As a Bitcoin supporter: What's the appeal of the various altcoins?

I'm a huge bitcoin fan, and I'm starting to look at other cryptocurrencies now. I'm trying to figure out what niche they fill.
I can understand the appeal of Litecoin: it's easier to mine and more resistant to ASICs. I also understand the appeal of something like Ripple, which is really like a decentralized currency exchange/trading platform with an (unfortunately pre-mined) cryptocurrency attached to it as a secondary thing.
But what's the appeal of these other altcoins? there are tons and tons and tons of them. Namecoin, Primecoin, Freicoin, Feathercoin, etc... I saw a "Memecoin" while looking today.
What's the idea here, exactly? Why are people into these? Do people think these things will fill some kind of niche that will give them a unique role in the "cryptoeconomy?"
My gut reaction is to throw them all away except Bitcoin, but that was my gut reaction to Bitcoin when I first heard of it too, so I want to give them a fair shot. Plus, it looks like Primecoin is going nuts right now, so people must care about these things for some reason.
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What makes mint so much more special than any other coin

Hello everyone,
I am posting this because I think it's important...
Overall, Mintcoin is faster, more energy efficient, has billions of coins which is a good thing because you don't run into the problem that people have with Bitcoin where they don't want to buy 0.19 of a coin for $100 they want to be able to afford to buy a whole coin - so Mintcoin has better liquidity. Transaction times are faster than Litecoin and fees basically 0. More secure from 51% attack because of the hybrid PoW/PoS. Mintcoin's energy efficiency cannot be understated. The cost of power consumption for PoW coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dodge, et al. are becoming more and more centralized as the mining industry evolves into a multimillion commercial enterprise owned by corporations. Proof-of-Work is basically proof of energy consumption which is not sustainable and terrible for the environment. Once Bitcoin and Litecoin hit their max coin caps, then all of those miners will have to try to make their money on transaction fees with is cost prohibitive. Mintcoin solves so many problems it is ridiculous.
Mintcoin doesn't need miners to secure the network, so it is vastly more energy efficient and secure than Bitcoin, relatively speaking.
With Bitcoin/Litecoin/Feathercoin/Namecoin et al, the security of the network is dependent upon the miners, and this will lead to eventual centralization of the networks and security will be reduced over time. With Mintcoin, the coin is designed in such a way so that security will increase over time, and the network will become more decentralized. So due to the design, Peercoin is the most likely to be sustainable, and not waste excess energy. Mintcoin is greener, better for saving our environment and saving electricity, Mintcoin solves the mining arms race problem we are beginning to see with these other coins.
Bitcoin's security relies on miners. As time goes on, Bitcoin will be forced to move transactions "off block-chain". If Bitcoin moves off block-chain, miners cannot be compensated for these transactions. If miners cannot be compensated, they won't mine. If miners don't mine, network security goes down as time goes on. As time goes on, Bitcoin becomes increasingly less secure and more risky to use as a safe-haven to store very large sums of money. Mintcoin's design solves this problem.
MINT is more energy efficient, secure against 51% attack, and enforce transaction fees at protocol level to defend against block bloating attacks. Bitcoin's network is actually a huge waste of energy, and will become less and less attractive as time goes on, less secure as time goes on, and eventually get block bloated. Mintcoin has "Significant" innovation above and beyond Bitcoin and other coins.
Bitcoin, Litecoin, et al. and potentially even Peercoin will suffer from an endless cycle of perpetually needing more and more and MORE mining gear to keep it going...this process is really turning into a beast that can only end badly...and it is never going to end. The worst part about Bitcoin is that Proof-of-Work has basically turned into Proof-of-Electricity. This is going to be a serious energy problem...and only the places with cheap electricity will be able to compete...this will force energy prices perpetually higher and higher.
But now, with Mintcoin, this is completely unnecessary. Mintcoin is environmentally sustainable, and shows that Bitcoin is just an inefficient coin, a complete waste of money, and resources. I am not against Bitcoin, I love BTC, but I am looking objectively, and I am willing to admit it is not perfect. Mintcoin is much more tailored to surpass it.
Mintcoin features a combination of many of the best features of many prior coins, (speed, coin cap, energy efficiency, fair distribution) and the combination of such features is what make Mintcoin new and fresh innovation. Mintcoin is the first coin to implement PoW/PoS hybrid that goes to 1 coin PoW after the initial PoW phase making while also being the first PoW/PoS coin to have a coin cap, with faster transaction times. The combination of these makes MINT superior in energy efficiency and ability to retain value without being inflated away.
Energy efficiency
Transaction speed
Coin cap
Good name
Good distribution
-sourced from bitcointalk & Wikipedia
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Introducing inuit - cold storage address generator for crypto-currency portfolios

I have a modest and mixed portfolio of crypto-currencies which I wanted to take off-line and put into cold storage. I found that to do this I would have to generate paper wallets for each currency using a different paper wallet generator each time. What I really wanted was a single application that could generate addresses and private keys for multiple currencies so that I could install it on a Raspberry Pi or Linux Live USB stick. This would allow me to cold store all my currencies in one place and with a small amount of effort.
To this end I have created inuit, cold storage address generator for crypto-currency portfolios.
For more information, take a look at the website
inuit is written in Python and the source code is available on github. It is still in active development and features will be added as time and demand allow.
I hope you find inuit as useful as I do. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment on the website or email (details on the website)
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Introducing inuit - cold storage address generator for crypto-currency portfolios

I have a modest and mixed portfolio of crypto-currencies which I wanted to take off-line and put into cold storage. I found that to do this I would have to generate paper wallets for each currency using a different paper wallet generator each time. What I really wanted was a single application that could generate addresses and private keys for multiple currencies so that I could install it on a Raspberry Pi or Linux Live USB stick. This would allow me to cold store all my currencies in one place and with a small amount of effort.
To this end I have created inuit, cold storage address generator for crypto-currency portfolios.
For more information, take a look at the website
inuit is written in Python and the source code is available on github. It is still in active development and features will be added as time and demand allow.
I hope you find inuit as useful as I do. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment on the website or email (details on the website)
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[S] Pewter Replica Medieval Coinage

My apologies is this is the wrong sub. It seems like it might be the right place.
I have 200 pewter coins that are replicas of a silver groat from the reign of Edward I. I started making them in .999 silver and have sold a few hundred of them on /silverbugs (along with other cast items). The pewter ones were from a poker set project that I had decided to cancel due to coppebrass being a pain in the ass to work with.
Each coin is 1" wide by 20 gauge (.8mm) and is hand struck by yours truly in the same manner that the originals were made nearly 800 years ago using hardened steel dies that I own. The .999 silver ones weigh approx 1/10 oz.
I was hoping to get $3 per pewter coin, $8 for silver (buy one or all 200 and the same $6 flat rate shipping applies. I only have a few silver ones left but will be making more this week. This isn't something that I made once and that's it. I plan to keep making them as log ng as there is someone interested in them.
I gladly accept PayPal, bitcoin, litecoin, feathercoin, namecoin, and dogecoin.
First 2 pictures are the pewter coins and the 3rd pic is a batch of .999 silver ones that I recently made.
If you have any questions, AMA.
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188 Crypto Currencies

2ch 2CH 42coin 42C AndroidToken ADT Alcohoin ALC alphacoin ALF AmericanCoin AMC amkoin AmK Anoncoin ANC alphaomegacoin AOC apc APC apecoin APE Argentum ARG AsicCoin ASC Astrocoin ASR Auroracoin AUR BAC BatCoin BAT baobeicoin BBC battlecoin BCX BeaoCoin BEC BellsCoin BEL ben BEN Betacoin BET Butterflycoin BFC bil BIL blade BLA Blakecoin BLC dobbscoin BOB BountyCoin BOC bosscoinnew BOS BBQcoin BQC bestcoin BSC bitbar BTB bitcoin BTC Bitcoin-sCrypt BTCs bytecoin BTE BitGem BTG CryptoBuck BUK Burbucoin BUR Cachecoin CACH cagecoinnew CAGE Bottlecaps CAP CASH catcoin CAT ccc CCC Cloud Icon CDC pennies CENT CryptographicAnomaly CGA CryptogenicBullion CGB ChainCoin CHC ChiCoin CHI CIN Clockcoin CKC Copperlark CLR cosmoscoin CMC CHNCoin CNC C-Note CNOTE Colossuscoin COL Coino CON CorgiCoin CORG coinyecoin COYE CopperBars CPR Craftcoin CRC credits CRD crn CRN casinocoin CSC Communitycoin CTC Cryptobits CYB dbl DBL dem DEM DigiByteCoin DGB digitalcoin DGC dimecoin DIME Diamond DMD DragonCoin DNC dogecoin DOGE dopecoin DOPE dollarpounds DPS DarkCoin DRK datacoin DTC DuckDuckCoin DUCK devcoin DVC earthcoin EAC ElectronicBenefitTransfer EBT ecocoin ECO EagleCoin EGC elacoin ELC Elephantcoin ELP emerald EMD Extremecoin EXC ezcoin EZC Fckbankscoin FCK Ferretcoin FEC FireFlyCoin FFC florincoin FLO FoxCoin FOX freicoin FRC FreeCoin FRE franko FRK fairquark FRQ fastcoinnew FST feathercoin FTC fz FZ gaycoin GAY Grandcoin GDC geocoin GEO GiftCoin GFT gil GIL globecoin GLB Globalcoin GLC GoldCoin GLD galtcoin GLT Galaxycoin GLX gamecoin GME goatcoin GOAT GoldPressedLatinum GPL graincoin GRA GridCoin GRC Grumpycoin GRUM GrowthCoin GRW HoboNickelsCoin HBN hotcoin HOT Huitong HTC huntercoin HUC Hypercoin HYC I0coin I0C iCoin IC Infinitecoin IFC ipc IPC italycoin ITC IXCoin IXC junkcoin JKC jerkycoin JKY JPU Karmacoin KARM KlondikeCoin KDC Kudos KDS Darsek KED Krugercoin KGC kakacoin KKC Ekrona KRN Lebowski LBW leafcoin LEAF lucky7 LK7 Luckycoin LKY LottoCoin LOT lpc LPC Litecoin LTC Livecoin LVC machinecoin MAC MaxCoin MAX Megacoin MEC Mediterraneancoin MED memecoin MEM KittehCoin MEOW mlc MLC MemoryCoin MMC mincoinnew MNC Moleculecoin MOL monacoin MONA mooncoin MOON maples MPL microCoin MRC marscoin MRS murraycoin MRY MasterCoin MST MetisCoin MTC Nanotoken NAN nbcoin NBC Nibble NBL noodlyappendagecoin NDL neocoin NEC netcoin NET incakoin NKA Namecoin NMC NobleCoin NOB Noirbits NRB Nucoin NUC Nutcoin NUT Novacoin NVC networkcoin NWC nxtcoin NXT Nyancoin NYAN naanayam NYM Cthulhu OFF ogc OGC OlympicCoin OLY Onecoin ONC OnionCoin ONI Orbitcoin ORB OpenSourceCoin OSC paccoin PAC Pandacoin PAND PeaceCoin PEC Penguincoin PENG pangucoin PGC PhiCoin PHI Philosopherstone PHS PikaCoin PIKA ptc PIR PlayToken PLT pmc PMC Pokercoin POK popcoin POP PotCoin POT PPCoin PPC PeopleCoin PPL Particle PRT PesetaCoin PTC ProtoShares PTS powercoin PWC phenixcoin PXC PixelCoin PXL PayCoin PYC QubitCoin Q2C cubits QBT QQcoin QQC Quark QRK Radioactivecoin RAD Richcoin RCH Reddcoin RDD realcoin REC Redcoin RED RonPaulCoin RPC rapidcoin RPD RastaCoin RTC royalcoin RYC SaturnCoin SAT SavingCoin SAV Stablecoin SBC sbx SBX sCoin SCO seedcoin SDC SherlockCoin SHC SIC skein SKN SolarCoin SLR SmartCoin SMC snowcoin SNC sochicoin SOCHI Spots SPT SecureCoin SRC STLcoin STL Starcoin STR StoriesCoin STY SUNCoin SUN SexCoin SXC TagCoin TAG teacoin TEA Tekcoin TEK teslacoin TES Tigercoin TGC tipsnew TIPS LotteryTickets TIX Timekoin TK TopCoin TOP terracoin TRC TittieCoin TTC FederationCredits UFC ufocoin UFO unc UNC unicoin UNI Unobtanium UNO unitedscryptcoin USC UnitaryStatusDollareCoin USDE Ultracoin UTC Vendettacoin VAC Velocitycoin VEL Valuecoin VLC ElectricCoin VOLT Vertcoin VTC wdc WDC WikiCoin WIKI Dubstepcoin WUBS XCoin XCO Joulecoin XJO Xencoin XNC primecoin XPM TurboCoin XTP YaCoin YAC ybcoin YBC BaconBitsCoin YUM ZcCoin ZCC zedcoin ZED Zetacoin ZET Zeuscoin ZEU Zenithcoin ZTC zur ZUR 
Our goal at coinpay is to network and list merchant services and coin payment options for each coin above.
Any coin devs or coin admins and staff for each coin above please contact us to list merhcant services and retailers.
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investing in all top altcoins

If you invested 100 USD in all let say top 30 coins on Do you think you would profit in?
a) 3 months b) 6 months c) 1 year d) 2-5 years e) Never
I'm not planning on doing this, I might just put some money on coins I have faith in, however the idea is funny. And even though the majority of the coins would not increase in value, I think the few (or maybe only 1) that actually succeeds will make up for all the other coins loss.
So you spend 100 USD * 30 coins = 3000 USD. Then you only need that 1 coin increases 3000% to break even (given that all the other coins goes to a value of ~0). This is not impossible given crypto coin history.
Edit: I made a list of all top 30 coins today 2.december 2013. Lets come back later and check the results of our "imaginary" stack of coins. Format: Coin name: 'Price' gives '100/Price' ABC
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[SS] Coin Exchange

I will be Exchanging coins now. This is a revised post. There is a very small fee that I will be telling you each time before we start the trade.
I can exchange a few coins:
I can only accept those coins. I may be adding more soon but these are the best ones right now for me to do and the fastest.
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Please explain the value of the other alt-currencies?

Hey, cryptocurrency n00b here. Please don't flame. I own a couple of bitcoins. I had heard about litecoins a short while back, but don't own any, but was considering investing in some (maybe 1 or 2 BTC worth). I've recently heard of a number of other alternative virtual currencies: peercoin, novacoin, terracoin, feathercoin, namecoin, primecoin
What is the point of these? For a currency to have any actual value, it needs to be actually useable and accepted by merchants. It's an easy way to pay for goods/services without the barter system. I can't imagine any merchants accepting 10 different virtual currencies.
Also, I originally thought the whole point of a cryptocurrency was to have a universal, decentralized currency - one that is accepted worldwide, that everyone uses, free from being bound to any flags, governments, central banks, etc... Doesn't 10 different competing currencies cause the same problems as having pesos, yens, yuans, dollars, pounds, rubles, euros, candian dollars, rands, francs, shekels, etc..?
And on that note, why not create yet another cryptocurrency that uses a slightly different hash algorithm? We can extend the several that are tradeable on BTC-E to a dozen more. At what point are there too many currencies?
I'm not that familiar with monetary theory. No disrespect if yall own any of these. I can understand the point of bitcoin/litecoin as gold/silver. But these other ones just seem like speculative scams / online gambling pure and simple.
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How To Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfinityCoin, WorldCoin and EarthCoin From QoinPr ASRock H81 BTC bitcoin litecoin feather coin mining motherboard unboxing Faucet Free Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, WorldCoin, Earthcoin, InfiniteCoin Everyday Easiest way to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, PPCoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, and Dogecoin How to Get a Feathercoin Wallet and Address (or a Litecoin Wallet, or a Bitcoin Wallet)

In its current state, Crypto St. is supporting trades between bitcoin, litecoin, and feathercoin. There is as yet no fiat currency exchange, so you’ll have to provision your binary bullion ... Another, Namecoin, has a cap of 32,839 Bitcoins (about $3.6m), although this figure is confounded slightly because Namecoin shares its mining network with Bitcoin. And Bushnell's Feathercoin? The ... Bitcoin Examiner just did a list of the 13 most promising cryptocurrencies out there and now there’s a new exchange that can convert Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin. The name of this service, which is currently running its beta testing phase, is Crypto Street. This Delaware-based digital currency exchange is the first of its kind toRead More Benutze den Währungsrechner um die Konversion von LTC zu BTC OKEx zu berechnen. Der Preis ist an den Echtzeitkurs gebunden. Im Windschatten von Bitcoin gibt es ja andere Kryptowährungen wie Litecoin, Feathercoin, Namecoin, Primecoin, PPcoin, NovaCoin, deren Kurs ja ein Vielfaches unter dem von Bitcoin liegt. Dafür liegt das Risiko um ein zigfaches höher. Vielleicht können wir uns hier etwas austauschen. Ich sehe es eher als Spielerei, wie eine Wahlbörse zum Beispiel, wo ich auch mit ein paar dutzend Euro ...

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How To Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, InfinityCoin, WorldCoin and EarthCoin From QoinPr

Use any CPU or GPU for any coin, SHA-256 or Scrypt, any computer, as many computers, and with immediate mining results. Yay the Motherboard showed up today to start building my litecoin and crypto currency mine. This is a dedicated mining board that allows up to 6 cards to be ... Free Bitcoin, Litecoin, FeatherCoin, FedoraCoin, WorldCoin, Earthcoin, InfiniteCoin. Category Film & Animation; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video ... is Europe's Leading Bitcoin Exchange - You can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Namecoin (NMC), Feathercoin (FTC), Peercoin (PPC), Novacoin (NVC), Quarkcoin (QRK) easily. Signup today ... How To Convert Bitcoin Litecoin Namecoin Novacoin Terracoin Peercoin Feathercoin Primecoin To USD LuisTutorialTV. Loading... Unsubscribe from LuisTutorialTV? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working ...