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Submitted this to /r/BitcoinMining and despite messaging the mod, it was never Approved. Asking here: With cheap electricity and rising BTC to USD values, are FPGAs still worth it?

Since the original was posted 8 days ago, the prices are way outta date.
I saw a sale of an FPGA on bitmit:
I'm ignoring the one on eBay at the moment (it's ending in 3 hours anyway).
Basically, if your electricity ranged from 0.06-0.09/kwh (and got cheaper the more you used), would an x6500 be worth it at ~$229USD? Or is 400MH/s so low that you won't hit anything?
Side question: if you don't join a pool, are you still guaranteed to eventually mine a block, or will your chances go down so much that you'd just be burning electricity? Is it better to get a quad or so and make your own "pool" that way, or do they all work together to form one super-unit?
(I assume buying sooner is better as the value of BTC goes up, so will the difficulty)
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