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"You could have said the same thing about the internet in 1995 and would've been wrong then too.": Bitcoiner schools /r/Documentaries shills (doco review inside)

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Bored? Looking for something to do? Start with this list of things to do in the Sacramento area.

(Credit for the below list has to be given to u/BurritoFueled, who created the original list in 2014 and updated it a year later. Almost two-thirds of the items below are still from that original list. All I’ve done with the list is revive it a little bit by updating dead links and making little tweaks when necessary. Also, thanks to those that submitted new additions to the list last week. Over a third of the below items are new and a lot of the original items have had newer information added onto them.)
People are always looking for something to do around here. Maybe you’re a transplant, unaware of what this area has to offer, or maybe you’re a lifelong resident, tired of the same old thing. Well friend, if you fall into the latter category, do not despair. There’s actually plenty of things to do in the Sacramento area – things of interest to almost any lifestyle, personality, or budget.
So, whether you’re an athlete, geek, eccentric, hipster, weirdo, sexual deviant or just a normal person looking for a new activity, below is a list of activities for you to try. Please note that it includes only activities that take place at least a few times a year – no one-off events or festivals here.
Enjoy this list. If you have any suggestions of your own to add, comment below in this thread. I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible.
Away we go.
UPDATED 10-6-20
(Note: Due to the current pandemic, some of these activities may be curtailed or not offered at all.)
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The Bitcoin Doco 1 (2014) (en) Tatiana interviews Dale Dickens of the Bitcoin Doco down in Melbourne Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tax Strategies Bitcoin Blockchain Documentary The Bitcoin Doco Episode 1 - YouTube

The Bitcoin Doco - Episode 1. from The Bitcoin Doco. 6 years ago. 0:00 - Introduction / 3:45 - Coworking / 7:05 - Mining / 8:25 - Blockchain / 11:15 - Retail / 19:45 - Financial Future / 22:22 - Gambling / 24:00 - Summary / 26:26 - Final Thought / 28:02 - Credits and EP2 Preview. A fascinating story focusing on the emergence of a new world wide currency - now being accepted in Australia and ... 1 Running Head: BITCOIN TECHNOLOGY Why companies have rejected bitcoin technology Below are some of the reasons why some companies are against this technology: 1. It doesn’t accept refunds Among the major disadvantages of bitcoin technology it that there is no policy that is standard about the refunds that are regularly made in businesses when compared to currencies such as banks where ... Bitcoin school - educational bitcoin articles, videos and posts. Learn about bitcoin and the blockchain. Bitcoin school South Africa. Page 2 iCE3X Welcome to the Vimeo channel of The Bitcoin Doco, a mini-series on Vimeo looking at the people who use Bitcoin in Australia. The California-based private American venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, has published a documentary called "Crypto Startup School."

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The Bitcoin Doco 1 (2014) (en)

I talk with Zac from to discuss various bitcoin and crypto tax strategies for the U.S., Canada and the U.K. We look at tax harvesting, LLCs, FIFO, cost averaging, capital gains and ... Documental sobre Bitcoin (por favor ayudar con la traducción) Directed by Dale @MADinMelbourne Shot & Edited by Chirs @docoeditor End Animation by @tconspiracychef Todos ... The Bitcoin Doco Episode 1 Join Doc in our weekly OMNIA coaching class where we discuss charts, crypto Options, crypto Futures, and take your questions live! Begin Your Path To Financi... Bitcoin Blockchain Documentary. OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE: Bitcoin Documentaries - Malta AI & BC Summit -