ESEA gaming client hijacks GPUs for Bitcoin mining ...

ESports Entertainment (ESEA) has hidden a Bitcoin miner in its anti-cheat client

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IMPORTANT: If you were an ESEA user and had their client installed on your PC, they ran a Bitcoin miner without your permission, which GREATLY REDUCES your GPU and CPU life. The ESEA community is filing a class action lawsuit, and you can make sure this goes through by filling out this form.

IMPORTANT: If you were an ESEA user and had their client installed on your PC, they ran a Bitcoin miner without your permission, which GREATLY REDUCES your GPU and CPU life. The ESEA community is filing a class action lawsuit, and you can make sure this goes through by filling out this form. submitted by but7figurestho to gaming [link] [comments]

ESEA launches a new beta client

From the thread:
It has been a while. Yeah, a little too long. Over the past few months, our team has been focused on internal housekeeping issues to strengthen the backbone of ESEA. We understand that a lot of these changes have not been something that you notice on a daily basis, but we are confident that you will appreciate the efforts as we move forward with major updates on the way.
The first update is one of the biggest updates we have ever released in ESEA history. Although many of you appreciate the ability to play on a program that looked like it launched during Windows Millennium Edition, we’ve long thought it could use a visual upgrade. We have historically favored function over design, but have grown our staff to allow us to do both without impacting the strength of the anti-cheat. During the past 6-8 months, the team has been quietly working on rebuilding the ESEA Client UX from the ground up. The results are amazing, and today we will launch an open beta for all ESEA Insider users. I’d say more, but I’ll let the ESEA Client speak for itself.
This beta test is only the first step into what is possible with the new ESEA Client UI. New features that were not possible with the old client UI are already in the works and we will continue to expand on the features that are offered through the client. More details will be available throughout the beta process and sneak peeks will be released throughout the development process.
For instructions on how to partake in the beta process for the ESEA Client, click here.
In the past, we have been notoriously quiet about what we’re working on, but moving forward our plan is to heavily include the Insiders in the testing process. These include product changes that will eventually be available for all Premium users, but also new exclusive Insider only features that are currently in development.
The following ESEA features, although lacking detail, will be released in the future:
These features are all at different levels of development and will be released in no specific order. While we can’t put specific ETAs on each item, over the next few months you will continue to see rollouts of the items above and more.
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ESEA served class action lawsuit over bitcoin malware scandal

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The current TF2Center controversy explained in just over 3 minutes.

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ESEA served class action lawsuit

Didn't see a thread about this yet.
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Was gonna buy/ play ESEA but then I saw this reddit thread.

Noticed this thread on reddit ummm, can anyone explain is it safe? Should I not sign up. I'm so confused, I don't wanna sign up for something that doesn't protect my information- not to mention their site looks kinda shitty.
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R/globaloffensive mods have started heavily censoring information critical of ESEA

ESEA is a competitive league for Counter Strike Global Offensive. The mods have recently started removing posts, namely posts portraying ESEA in a negative manner. Just last month the top post on globaloffensive was about ESEA owing some guy $30K, which wasn't relevant to the game at all. They allow some posts about third party services to go untouched but selectively remove others.
ESEA is no stranger to controversy. They are the same guys who hid bitcoin miners inside their anticheat client a few years ago.
Here is the topic, which is hugely relevant to the cs community, but censored from the largest csgo subreddit.
Edit: a mod followed me in here to explain himself lmao, let that sink in for one minute.
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Of Wolves And Weasels - Day 18 - Spiked

Edit: Day 19 facepaw
Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Before we begin today, I wanted to share a bit of good news: I've started - right now it's an archive of these posts that I've made on Reddit, and it's very, very basic. We'll see what the community wants and we'll grow from there. (There was mention of a podcast a while back, don't know if that's do-able, or wanted, but it's something to consider). Just to be clear: there's no plans to move my posts off of Reddit to there -- heck, you guys are the reason I do all this -- but at least this way, it gives me some room to play (if I manage to keep on putting out quality material that you enjoy) :D)
Moving on!
So... that was an interesting night, huh? For those who might've missed the fireworks, our Difficulty spiked to just over ~1771 last night from a lull of ~1018. A ramp up that took about an hour to kick in and held for about a solid 2 and a half hours before dropping back down to a more normalized (I can't believe I just said that) ~1233.
Yesterday was also the second time, in under 24 hours that our global hashrate spiked to over 100 Gigahashes per second. The first one, early Friday morning, made the bigger impact at ~114 Gigahashes while the second, just under 24 hours apart, near the same time period this Saturday, hit with slightly less force at 103 Gigahashes.
What's interesting is that the earlier spike - lasting just barely over an hour - had no discernible effect on overall difficulty, whereas this second spike seems to correlate strongly with a massive spike in difficulty. (There's usually somewhat of a delay between a GHs spike and a spike in difficulty -- usually from pools already being mid-block, etc).
Now if you watch the global hashrate long enough you'll see that spikes are pretty common - we're not all sure where they come from, but they do happen somewhat regularly.
What was interesting about last night's was how it got sold to the Dogecoin crowd:
Watch out: 'The Litecoiners are pissed and they're coming to ruin your currency'.
Which is pretty much the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
The main reason for this breaks down to simple Greed: Dogecoin is a freaking Goldmine to the Litecoin crowd right now - that's one major reason why our Global Hashrate jumped the way it did about a week or so ago. DOGE blocks come fast and even at our 'high' difficulty, it's really simple for them to make $10-15 per night off of the rigs they've built to handle Litecoin's difficulty (which, for comparison, has dropped to ~3130 from a high of ~3998).
Trading DOGE to LTC seems to be quite a profitable endeavor.
Now, yes, there may be Litecoiners who are super-patriotic and only want to see DOGE crash and burn -- but I think, for the long haul, the majority of those same people will pooh-pooh us in public then secretly point their monster rigs at DOGE when no one's looking. And, short of some sudden community desire to derail their own gravy train, this is pretty much guaranteed to continue until the halving, at the very least.
I mean, to look at this positively, most of the Litecoiners I've actually met are smart folks - they understand that a cryptocurrency that brings new people into the fold, and makes it easier for others to get into (and understand) the game, only helps everyone. More money in the system makes cryptocurrency, as a whole, more robust. People invested in the concept of cryptos (miners) are not going to go out of their way to tear down a system, let alone a profitable system.
There's also an idea that the Litecoiners would move all their hashes to DOGE in the hopes of causing a 51% attack. Which, again, derailing the gravy train seems like a dumb idea -- but I can see where that worry stems from as there is some data to show that there's been a significant migration away from LTC since January 19th:
LTC Global Hashrates are down over 79 GHs -- from a high of 143.6 GHs on Jan 19th to 64.4 GHs as of today.
On January 19th, I noted that our Global Hashrate was ~55 GHs and our difficulty was ~682.
We're currently sitting at ~99 GHs and our difficulty is still at ~1233.
So either Litecoiners are making up ~80% of our current Global Hashrate anyway, or, more likely, that large hashrate has become fragmented as miners move on to other profitable scrypt coins as well.
There has also been some talk about Botnets coming online - that maybe these spikes are from some massive botnet being pointed at our direction. Which... well, that has more of an air of possibility to it. Bitcoin is famous for its botnet miners - back in December ESEA, a gaming company, was slapped with a $350,000 fine for sneaking a trojan into their client-side software that essentially turned their users into one big Bitcoin-Mining Botnet.
Could that happen with LTC? Some say it's already underway. I've yet to see any solid data to support it - but if it were true, it'd be quite easy to point that thing our way.
What would that mean for us? Short term, a huge spike in difficulty, a spike in hashrates and a bunch of DOGE that the user could hold or sell off at their whim. Would it be enough to cause damage to our market? Not really, considering these spikes have been, at most, an hour or two in length. But it is something to think about and be aware of, especially as we move forward toward The Halving on February 14th.
It's 9:02 AM EST, we're at 36.55% of coins mined (compared to yesterday's 35.91%) and our Global Hashrate is on the up swing from 95 to 101 Gigahashes per second. Our Difficulty is holding steady at ~1233. DOGEs are also on an upswing after a pretty big dip to ~190 earlier this morning, currently ranging from 194 to 211, depending on where you look.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Alternatives to current premium matchamaking services? What can we do?

Just got ESEA a few days ago. Just wanted to share my experience with this community so that no one goes through what I went through.
I genuinely believe that after all the news of ESEA getting hacked, and them injecting bitcoin miners into their clients, that the service and quality is not worth it. No wonder all the pros have switched over to FaceIt Premeir. IDK if it is allowed to be posted here but I really want to warn peeps out their that truly care about finding a counter strike community free of cheaters and full of like minded individuals with great customer service and support. ESEA is not that, and next ill be trying FaceIt. If that doesn't work out I don't know what I can, except maybe try and start my own service with better anticheats and exclusive access. I would make it free but only certain individuals who prove they don't cheat will be allowed in. IDK how I would do that but I'm tired of just "hoping" and want assurance I play with others who are like me. Wish you all the best and a great journey in your counter strike careers!
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ESEA releases an advertisement that uses a man with down syndrome as a way to mock their competitors

For those that do not know, the ESEA is a competitive gaming community that offers matchmaking and anti-cheat services for Counter-Strike and other games. They also host a number of tournaments in the United States.
The advertisement that was released shows the ESEA's clients being portrayed as a young, athletic male and the competitors' clients are portrayed as a man with down syndrome.
Prior to this, the ESEA has had another controversy and that was including a bitcoin miner in their clients.
Edit: The Daily Dot has an article about it:
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ESEA Client.

The only reason i'm asking here is because i find no right or wrong answer online. Some people claim the Esea launcher / client still has bitcoin miners etc etc.
I got mail from esea giving me a free month in their '' blatant attempt to get me back '' Seems really desperate but i wan't to give it 1 more go. Is the client totally safe now ?
EDIT : Also what parts of my pc do they Monitor / Collect ?
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Pugs without clients

Is there anything without a client? I hate installing stuff that I don't know what's in it. I knew even the "most legit" one, ESEA fucked their paying customers thru client (phantom bitcoin miner)
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ESEA stabbed to death overnight? The great conspiracy!

Just now before I went to sleep I deceided to check up on reddit and remembering the night before there was some stuff about the esea client farming bitcoins with our gpu's but it was late and I went to bed. There has been an explosion of posts and stuff to happen and for someone who comes here every day its quite a surprise. I think the amount of posts against ESEA and the amount promoting leetway is ridiculous, it feels off, like a coup.
ESEA is just getting crucified. I watched warowls video on the matter and I think its the first time I really heard anger in his voice. Ofcourse, its true having a client installed of wich you are not allowed to know exactly what it does needs a bond of trust. That trust has now been broken. And who happens to pop up with timing of a dust2 mid door awp shot? Leetway.. and be carefull who you put your trust in this time, affiliate of a horrible gamer tabloid blog rumoured to be linked to hacking, ddossing and even extortion.
But leetway isnt the only player in the scene looking to win some ground back, the perfectly timed valve update giving us 2 flashbangs. If this truly was a minor update and 128tick servers are around the corner then the circle is complete for me.
Maybe im naive and have to much forgiveness but my advice is to give esea another chance and see if they can make up for it. Nobody can tell me that a company build on gamers and computer enthusiasts consists only of evil men out to get your money. There was someone who commented
"Whoever put the bitcoin miner into the esea client clearly didn't have a very good understanding on how bitcoin miners work. From yours and other posts it sounds like it was running cards 100%, which is a terrible idea if you are doing so surreptitiously. There are settings that let you run your card(s) at different 'aggressions'"
I would seem to me that if it would be a masterplan to mine all these bitcoins they would atleast have programmed it so it wouldnt be this obvious. I believe its not a company wide idea but as said the input of 1 or few people, who knows it was all an elloborate scam set up by leetway to knock esea of its throne. In any case Ill be looking forward to my free month premium on ESEA, altough im still mainly sticking with improving my ranks on european ESL
Well plenty food for thought, off to bed.
Greetings Neoblade
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ESEA client basically a virus

So the ESEA client would mine bitcoins on computers without the owners consent. ESEA admins even admitted it.... I don't trust esea after this. renalucario 's post in /games Note that this story is still developing: ESEA Statement has been released! Full post at the bottom of this post or click here to read on ESEA Member unisolsz discovered that the client required to play on ESEA was running a bitcoin miner. After players were complaining about virus alerts being set off from the client and unusually high GPU usage and BSOD errors. The thread he made regarding this can be found here ESEA admin, lpkane admits that it was an "April Fools joke" that was mistakenly left in the client that ran for only 2 days. He claims only 2 bitcoins were mined in total (Roughly around $280 USD) and that it would go towards a prize pool. Source He later corrects that it was running for 2+ weeks and actually raised 29~ bitcoins (around $3,602.21 USD) and to apologize awarded all current ESEA premium members a free month of service and that all the money raised will go into the prize pool. He also claims that all bitcoin mining code was removed from the client. Source #2 Bitcoin miners use up 100% of GPU processes and lead to a lowered hardware lifespan, and can actually damage it permanently. Link to /GlobalOffensive discussion: UPDATE: Someone has pointed out that the bitcoin address that lpkane posted a picture of in his first post is different compared to the address he lists in his second post. Very strange... UPDATE #2: I should clarify that no one that was affected lost any money of their own. It was a poor choice of words for me to say that he 'stole' the money. I was referring to the fact that people that were affected most likely saw an increase in electricity usage, and could possibly have had their computer's hardware damaged. Their computers were used without their consent to 'mine' currency, all of which went to the ESEA admins. UPDATE #3: I was contacted by GGTY886 that informed me that he had posted a thread regarding the mining two hours before unisolsz had posted his that was locked by an admin. Located here There is also a thread located here by a user that discusses the symptoms of the miner. He also sent me a recording of a conversation with an ESEA admin discussing the issue which can be listened to here: The Recording His PM in full in case you're interested: I actually posted a thread before unisolz that actually exposed the bitcoin mining. I posted 2 hours before his thread, and my thread was locked. Also, one day prior, this guy posted about the symptoms of the mining: recording with ESEA Admin: UPDATE #4: Others have pointed out that this isn't the first time lpkane has mentioned mining bitcoins through the ESEA client: Source UPDATE #5: In a thread dated 4/9/2013, lpkane posts in a thread discussing bitcoins: and you wonder what the client does when you're not in a server.. Source post #23 UPDATE #6: If you've been affected by this, you can file a complaint to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): With this information: E-Sports Entertainment, LLC 62 Rensselaer Drive, Commack, New York, 11725, 631-804-5253 UPDATE #7: Another image that was requested to be added to the OP showing lpkane's comments on bitcoin mining on September 18th, 2012. UPDATE #8: Craig Levine "Torbull" (owner of ESEA) has posted this statement on the forums regarding the situation: The first I learned about any of this was last night (on any scale). I had no idea any of this was going on. Needless to say I am completely embarrassed, disgusted, and ashamed. For the past ten years, I've tried to do nothing more than to act honestly and be an upstanding leader in the gaming community and with some bad decisions by some trusted people it has been thrown out the window. I'm wrapping my mind around this whole thing and we'll release a formal response, but for the time being just know that this wasn't some ESEA / company wide scam. I'm committed to doing whatever possible to rebuild the trust we lost through this whole fiasco. Source Post #608 Some more information from Craig: Post #632: It's a failure on my part to have the proper oversight to have prevented this from happening and it will be addressed. My primary concern at this point is community trust and how that was destroyed. We need to understand the situation, take the appropriate action with those responsible for it, ensure we have things in place to prevent this from happening, and address anyone who incurred physical damages. How we rebuild the trust of the community in the immediate aftermath and long term future is going to be a different discussion that we need to have as I walk through this all. Post #710: Standby for a more formal response with information about the situation and recourse for those impacted. Post #742: the facts of the situation are beyond what has been shared to this point. We're going to do everything in our power to address the issue of what happened, the broken trust with the community, and any physical hardware damage. Information coming soon, but this is obviously something we take incredibly serious. Post #802: the money will be going somewhere much more righteous than the prize purse in addition to the prize purse Post #810: why would we risk our business and livelihood on making some inconsequential amount of money on Bitcoins I assure you that I and the larger ESEA entity had no knowledge of this. We're working to figure out what happened to respond accordingly. Post #829: His (lpkane's) response there was done more playfully than seriously. We would never knowingly allow this to be done to our community and I'm looking into all of the details for how this happened. Post #886: We will be setting up a mechanism to address anyone who's computer parts were damaged through this process UPDATE #9: PrincessChoadzilla has posted a analysis of the three bitcoin addresses ESEA admins used to collect the bitcoins here and found that there has been 1 bitcoin that is still not accounted for by lpkane. IMPORTANT UPDATE: ESEA Statement has been released: Throughout the history of gaming and e-sports, there have been scams and straight up theft by players, teams, event organizers, and even “sponsors.” Over the past ten years ESEA has prided itself on being an upstanding member of the gaming community by providing a high quality service, paying out prize money, and being upfront and transparent with you, the community. We worked hard to build your trust and often took the longer, slower, and more meticulous road than others. That approach has paid off as we had success with our premium service and league. Over the two weeks we failed our community. ESEA’s goal is to provide our community with cutting edge technology and tools. Whenever possible, the management and owners at ESEA initiate private tests on potential new products and tools that might interest our community. With the whole fervor around Bitcoin, we did conduct some internal tests with the Client on only two of our own, consenting administrators’ accounts to see how the mining process worked and determine whether it was a feature that we might want to add in the future. We thought this might be an exciting new tool that we could provide to our community. Ultimately, we decided that it was not. On April 13, 2013, after the initial tests, ESEA informed those involved in the test that we were killing the project and they should stop using the beta test. It came to our attention last night, however, that an employee who was involved in the test has been using the test code for his own personal gain since April 13, 2013. What transpired the past two weeks is a case of an employee acting on his own and without authorization to access our community through our company’s resources. We are extremely disappointed and concerned by the unauthorized actions of this unauthorized individual. As of this morning, ESEA has made sure that all Bitcoin mining has stopped. ESEA is also in the process of taking all necessary steps internally to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. The owners and management at ESEA all apologize to each of you that were impacted by the recent events and intend to make things right. ESEA has issued a free month of ESEA Premium to all of our community members who were enrolled in Premium for the month of April. We also ask anyone who has experienced any physical damage to their computers to open an ESEA support ticket. In an effort to maintain complete transparency, we have released all of the Bitcoin wallet addresses as well as data dumps of the wallets themselves. The value of the mined Bitcoins was $3,713.50 and ESEA will be donating 100% of the $3,713.55 to the American Cancer Society. ESEA will also match 100% of this amount for a total of $7,427.10 donated. ESEA is also increasing the Season 14 League prize pot by $3,713.50. As a team, we work hard to create cool things and we’ve worked even harder to consistently do things the right way. While it’s incredibly disturbing and disappointing that this happened, we’re committed to improving ourselves and rebuilding trust with our community.
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Bitcoin mining profit calculator Virus.exe A SOLO PLAYER'S REVENGE - Rust - YouTube Aliens Colonial Marines gets sued, ESEA steals bitcoins, Star Citizen reaches $9 million - TGS

ESEA gaming client hijacks GPUs for Bitcoin mining Some users of a popular competitive gaming service say their machines were damaged by unexpected load. Skandal: ESEA nutzt Client als Bitcoin-Miner *UPDATE* Wie ein User herausgefunden haben soll, nutzte die ESEA ihre Nutzer seit dem 14.04.2013 aus, um Aufgaben zu lösen, die Bitcoins einbringen. Dies soll über den PUG-Clienten passiert sein - die Grafikkarte des Users wurde dabei verwendet. The co-owner of widely used computer gaming service ESEA has admitted that the company used its client software to mine bitcoins using customers' hardware without their knowledge. Some ESEA users ... Skandal: ESEA nutzt Client als Bitcoin-Miner Eine unglaubliche Nachricht erreichte die Szene-Seiten am heutigen Mittag. Wie ein User herausgefunden haben soll, nutzte die ESEA ihre Nutzer seit dem 14.04.2013 aus, um Aufgaben zu lösen, die Bitcoins einbringen. Dies soll über den PUG-Clienten passiert sein - die Grafikkarte des Users wurde dabei verwendet. Bitcoins sind eine neue Art, im ... US regulators have smacked games biz ESEA with a $1m fine for surreptitiously installing a Bitcoin miner in its software. The settlement was announced on Tuesday and means ESEA gaming will pay the state of New Jersey $325,000 of its $1m fine upfront, and the rest will be scrubbed if the company has a clean record for the next ten years.. The company had 'fessed up in May to an employee using ...

[index] [17932] [41230] [39796] [21925] [10825] [44584] [49964] [37388] [36113] [10682]

Bitcoin mining profit calculator Thumbnail artist: LI... Csgo HvH Ft sultaan punjabi rapper fatality invite giveaway 306 Wale 1. Sub to me 2. Like this vid 3. Comment your discord tag Discord : nothing to say here i guess. Fatality is beste hake. my discord: akiy#3541 dont add me if you are hvh addicted. i'll also quit discord soon cus it sux, if yo... video card damage which result in system crash and image corruption due to overloading from bitcoin mining from unsupported unauthorized malicious access from ESEA client. May 1, - Users of popular PC gaming service ESEA have discovered that their PCs have been hijacked to mine Bitcoins by malware served up Jul 17, - Does your computer seem to running much slower ...