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help in choosing mining hardware for profitability?

I just bought an antminer u1 which hashes oc'd at a stable 2.4GH/s for $30 shipped on ebay. I'm currently using it to mine bitcoin on bitminter. is there a more profitable sha256 altcoin? is there a more profitable pool that i should be looking at? from what I see of my current calculations, antminer u1 is unprofitable per as it will take 3 years to make back the $30.
I'm currently running all kinds of calculations on the profitability of an additional hardware investment. the antminer s1 seems to be a (fairly) reasonably priced miner (~$300) (though i'm very annoyed they don't include a power supply grr which would be another $150 or so making the hardware investment $450) that can do an advertised 180GH/s with promises of 200GH/s overclocks if i void the warranty at ~400 watts (which im sure is really closer to 500w).
My current power rate in my area (i just looked at my bill and added up all the extras and such) is .36/KWh.
what do you guys think of general hardware bitcoin mining profitability?
are there other asic miners that i should be looking at?
EDIT: my apologies, I reworked all the numbers again and it looks like i'm only paying .162/kwh sorry about that... i was busy at work when i went through it the first time.
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